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Cao Yaoyao endured the humiliation and listened to the man she had been with for so many years call Chen Weiers name.

In fact, she was not too sad.

She only hated her! She hated the injustice of fate.

They were both women, so why was Chen Weier richer than her from birth Chen Weier was always so disdainful of the things she had spent so much effort to obtain! She hated Chen Weier even more that whenever she appeared by Yaoyaos side, Weier would always be able to attract everyones attention quickly.


Cao Yaoyao suddenly stopped biting her lower lip.

She turned to the man who was in high spirits behind her.

“Oh right, I forgot to tell you.

Chen Weier is already married.”

“What” Miao Bings eyes snapped open, and anger rushed to his head.

He grabbed Cao Yaoyaos waist and hit her hard.

At the last moment, he suddenly pulled his hand out and slapped Cao Yaoyaos face.

Then, he kicked Cao Yaoyao to the ground.

“Motherf*cker, this b*tch!”

After speaking, he glared at her fiercely, tidied himself up, and turned to leave.

Cao Yaoyao smiled as she wiped her tears.

She picked up her clothes and put them on before walking out.

Miao Bing, who was leaving, gradually calmed down.

So what if Weier was married He could just give her husband money to buy her.

She must be from a low-income family if she married at such a young age.

This way, it would be even easier.

Which poor person didnt love money

Miao Bings lips curved up proudly.

Thinking of Cao Yaoyaos disgusting behavior, he frowned in disdain.

He was a bit tired of this woman, and it was time for a new taste.

As the time for the competition drew closer, more and more people returned to the venue.

Chen Weier had been resting with her head lowered and eyes closed.

When she heard the noise around her getting noisier and noisier, she knew the competition was about to start.

Once you start, youre not allowed to enter or leave before you finish.

Chen Weier got up and went to the bathroom.

However, when she was washing her hands, a man walked over.

She didnt think much of it and turned to leave.

In the end, her arm was grabbed by the person.

Chen Weier was shocked, and when she turned around, she was faced with Miao Bings face.

She had seen Miao Bing in her first year of university.

That night, Cao Yaoyao didnt come back for a long time.

She was worried and called Cao Yaoyao as the dormitory was about to be locked.

In the end, she saw a luxury car drive over.

Cao Yaoyao got out of the car and kissed Miao Bing who looked to be in his fifties.

At that time, she finally understood why Cao Yaoyao always came home late.

She had also advised Cao Yaoyao to break up with Miao Bing repeatedly.

But how could Cao Yaoyao listen to her The two of them slowly became strangers.

Of course, to Cao Yaoyao, Chen Weier was her enemy.

As the memories gradually faded, Chen Weier shook off the old mans wrist and frowned.

“If youre sick, go see a doctor!” Her voice was cold and stern.

Miao Bings eyes flashed with surprise.

He liked to train such strong-willed people! His gaze moved down and swept across her neck.

Suddenly, he stopped.

There were teeth marks on her neck, and they looked new.

Miao Bing, who was very experienced with these kinds of marks, could conclude that she must have done it with a man in less than an hour! As a result, his interest in Chen Weier became even stronger.

Miao Bing stared at Chen Weier.

Because the confidentiality of the competition was extreme, the contestants were not allowed to leave the hotel during the competition.

He naturally thought that Chen Weier was here with some unknown person.

However, he didnt know that the contestants couldnt be sent out, but President He could.

“Whats your price” Miao Bing looked at Chen Weier and chuckled.

Chen Weier didnt react in time.

She turned around and was about to leave but was stopped by Miao Bing again.

“Im keeping a B-list female celebrity as my mistress.

My monthly pocket money is 500,000 yuan.

Ill give you 1 million yuan.

Think about it.”

Chen Weier understood.

This greasy old man had indeed set his eyes on her!

“Whats there to consider Youre so fat and old.

Who knows if you can last even a minute” Chen Weier said in disdain.

“You!” Miao Bing was about to curse, but he thought that the time for the competition was getting closer and closer, and there was no one in the washroom.

His eyes changed, and he pulled Chen Weier into the mens washroom.

Chen Weier did not expect Miao Bing to be so perverted.

She did not care about anything else and kicked him in the lower body.

“Ow!” Miao Bing suddenly lost all his strength and knelt on the ground.

He held the most vulnerable part of his manhood.

But Chen Weier wasnt satisfied.

She kicked his shoulder again! At this moment, she only hated the fact that she had changed out of her high heels in the afternoon.

Otherwise, she would have stabbed him to death right now!

This kind of trash should be kept in the trash can.

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