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Although something already happened between the two of them, Chen Weier still felt a little embarrassed to change clothes in front of He Xun…

Seeing Chen Weiers embarrassed look, He Xun suddenly laughed and pinched her face.

“What havent I seen Youre still shy”

Chen Weiers face turned even redder.

She pushed away that smirking face and said fiercely, “You shut up!”

“Why do you want me to shut up” He Xun was still smiling.

Chen Weier puffed up her cheeks and didnt say anything.

How could she say such embarrassing words…

However, He Xun didnt intend to let her go.

He leaned closer and kissed her red face.

“Say it, why do you want me to shut up”

“Youre so annoying!” Chen Weier pushed him, pretending to be angry.

In He Xuns ears, her voice sounded like a kittens coquettish act.

He was in a particularly good mood, but in the next second, Chen Weier suddenly pressed her lips against his, and the tip of her tongue mischievously hooked around.

He Xun immediately held her head and deepened the kiss! After the kiss, He Xuns eyes darkened.

Chen Weier came close again and leaned her head close to his ear.

Her small hands also started to become restless.

Then, she whispered, “Hubby, I told you to shut up, did you hear me”

He Xun couldnt stand this and said in a hoarse voice, “Weier, dont be like this.” If they werent in the car, he really wanted to bully her and make her cry.

“Why cant I” Chen Weiers voice was as gentle as water.

He Xun was so fascinated by her that he couldnt move his eyes away.

Chen Weiers fingers slowly touched his tie.

Her movements were gentle.

After she undid his tie, she grabbed his arms and wrapped her whole body around him.

She didnt forget to lick his adams apple with her small tongue.

He Xuns adams apple bobbed a few times.

He felt like he was about to explode.

Then, his hands were tied behind his back by Chen Weier!

“Weier!” He Xun instantly sobered up.

Chen Weier glared at him fiercely to make sure He Xun couldnt pull it out.

Then, she directly put He Xuns coat on his head.

“Weier, you…” He Xuns head was covered, and his hands were tied behind his back.

He couldnt see the situation outside at all.

He could only hear some noises, probably from her changing clothes.

Although he couldnt see it, he couldnt help but feel thirsty when he imagined the scene.

After Chen Weier changed her clothes, she still didnt intend to untie He Xun.

She clearly remembered what had happened in the car the last time.

What did He Xun do when she threw herself into his arms He tied her up! She was a vengeful person, so she had to get back at him once!

“Weier, have you changed your clothes” He Xun heard that there was no more movement from her side and thought that she should have already changed.

“Im done.” Chen Weiers voice was slow.

She was currently removing her makeup.

She rarely put on makeup and felt uncomfortable.

Unless it was a formal occasion, she would not wear any makeup.

He Xun coaxed her in a deep voice.

“Wifey, let me go, okay”

“Hubby, do you still remember the last time you tied me” Chen Weier approached him.

He Xun was stunned for a moment, but he quickly recalled that Chen Weier had tried to seduce him once, and he had tied her up with a tie.

Now, he was the one who was tied up.

He couldnt help but smile.

His wife was really amazing.

She actually learned his tricks to deal with him.

With her face covered, Chen Weier couldnt see He Xuns expression or hear his answer, so she thought he had forgotten.

She was instantly a little angry, “You actually forgot” Do you still have other women in your heart”

“Weier, I didnt! Of course, I remember.” Seeing that she was angry, He Xun hurriedly explained.

After Chen Weier removed her makeup, she raised her hand and let He Xun see the light of day again.

“Weier, let go of me, okay youve changed your clothes and were almost at the entrance of the restaurant.

Its time for lunch.” Now that his hands were tied, He Xun could only lower his voice and coax her.

“Hubby, arent you feeling terrible Im helping you calm down.” After Chen Weier finished speaking, He Xuns face darkened! Was this the kind of “help” he wanted However, his hands were tightly tied, and he couldnt break free even after secretly struggling for a long time.

And now, Chen Weier was still looking at him with a smile that wasnt a smile.

She clearly looked like she was watching a show.

He recalled that he had also kidnapped Chen Weier before, and he felt helpless against such “revenge.”

After a while, they arrived at the restaurant, but the driver didnt dare to open the partition, nor did he dare call He Xun.

‘What if Im pregnant with President Hes wife But he really felt like he was sitting on pins and needles.

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