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Miao Bings eyes followed Chen Weier the whole time.

Of course, he knew that He Xun stood up and applauded for her.

He couldnt help but feel a little more afraid of Chen Weier.

“President He.” Miao Bing leaned close to He Xuns ear.

He Xun shifted his gaze away from her.

He had heard about Miao Bing from Chen Weier and was unwilling to get too close to such a person.

He could not let it affect his image in Chen Weiers heart.

Miao Bing overlooked his actions and said flatteringly, “This dance is perfect!”

He Xun was initially looking straight ahead, but when he heard Miao Bings words, he turned his head slightly and saw a greasy face.

He nodded and didnt want to say anything more.

He knew better than anyone how outstanding Chen Weier was.

“So, President He likes this kind of girl” Miao Bings words were explicit.

He Xun felt extremely disgusted and shot him a cold glance.

Miao Bing was so shocked by the cold that he forced a smile.

“I saw President He kept staring at her, so I thought President He liked her.”

“Its none of your business.” He Xuns voice was even colder than his gaze.

Miao Bing touched his nose awkwardly and returned to his seat.

He Xun was only a young man in his twenties, how could he be so insensible Miao Bing wanted to snatch the business and now wanted to snatch the beauty to whom he had taken a fancy.

But from what He Xun said just now, he didnt seem to like Contestant No.

47 that much…

Miao Bing thought,I must make a move first.

I cant wait for the beauty to run away!

At 12 oclock sharp, the mornings competition ended, and Chen Weier still had the highest score in the entire competition.

Chen Weier was incredibly excited.

After leaving the venue, she went straight to the parking lot where the driver was waiting for her.

She opened the car door and saw that He Xun was already sitting inside.

Chen Weier immediately threw herself into He Xuns arms.

“How is it Are you tired” He Xun planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Im not tired!” Chen Weiers eyes were sparkling.

She had not been so happy for a long time! She couldnt pursue dancing before, but she didnt expect that god would give her a chance to start over.

Doing what she liked could give her a great sense of happiness, and this kind of happiness was irreplaceable.

She loved her dance from the bottom of her heart.

He Xuns heart softened when he saw how excited she was.

“My wife is the best.

Ill be the best audience for my dancing queen!”

“Thats right!” Chen Weier wasnt modest at all.

She was still very emotional, and her whole person was very excited.

He Xun took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from her forehead, and Chen Weier obediently let him do it.

“Youre so obedient” He Xun raised his eyebrows.

“Mm! Because Im truly happy!” Chen Weiers voice was filled with unconcealable excitement and excitement.

Seeing that she was acting like a child, He Xun was affected by her emotions and couldnt help but kiss her a few more times.

“What do you want to eat”

“Its my treat today! Youre welcome to eat anything you want!” Chen Weier said heroically.

“Then, thank you, my wife, for giving me the chance to live off a woman” The corners of He Xuns mouth rose high.

How could his Weier be so cute It was sweet and tempting, and he simply couldnt bear to part with it.

“Good! When I become the official dancing queen, Ill ensure you eat and drink well!” Chen Weier wrapped her arms around He Xuns neck and held him tightly.

He Xun couldnt help but laugh, his laughter causing his chest to tremble slightly.

“Youre laughing at me!” Chen Weier pretended to be angry and poked his chest with her finger.

In the next second, He Xun lifted Chen Weiers calf and brought her fair instep to his lips, gently pressing it against it.

A numbing feeling spread along the back of her foot.

Chen Weier suddenly exclaimed and wanted to withdraw her foot, but He Xun held her foot tightly and refused to let go.

His gentle gaze met her flustered face, and his voice was bewitching.

“When you were on stage, I wanted to kiss your feet.

Ill surrender to you.”

“You…” Chen Weier was a little embarrassed.

Because of her nervousness and the intense dance, she sweated a lot.

Besides, even the sweat on his feet smelled terrible.

Chen Weier was afraid that He Xun would smell it and was so shy that she wanted to pull her foot back.

But Chen Weiers body was full of treasures to He Xun.

Because of his actions, Chen Weier, who was already very hot, became even hotter, and her face became even redder.

He Xun noticed the change in her expression and hurriedly asked with concern, “Whats wrong”

Chen Weier blushed and shook her head.

“Maybe its because of the costume.

Its not very comfortable when its stuck to my body.”

He Xun glanced at the long-lowered partition and said gently to Chen Weier.

“Then you should change your clothes.”

“Do you want me to change here” Chen Weiers eyes widened.

Although the car window was tinted and couldnt be seen from the outside…

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