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Chen Weier raised her eyebrows.

She was sure that the organizer had some shady dealings.

If there were any news, He Xun would surely tell her.

The competition system estimated the rules at the last minute to test everyones creativity.

It was also part of a competitors scored strength.

Looking at the two bodyguards again, Chen Weier couldnt help but want to laugh.

The organizers wanted to put an end to fraud at the source.

After all, how could a slender dancer defeat a bodyguard Naturally, no one dared to cause trouble.

Moreover, the drawing of lots for the competition was based entirely on luck.

The numbers in the front and back were not good.

As there were not many reference samples for the numbers in the front, the judges would give more conservative marks.

If they were too late, the contestants would become more and more nervous after an entire day of competition, and the judges would get tired of their aesthetics.

Moreover, it might even be similar to other peoples dances! Once there was a similar situation, if the two of them were on the same level, the one who would feel uncomfortable would be at the back because she had already lost the sense of novelty that made peoples eyes light up.

At this moment, it was Chen Weiers turn.

She pretended calm as she stretched her arm into the box and casually took out a ball.

Number 47!

She was simply too lucky! This number was right in the middle!

Chen Weier quickly took out her mobile phone and happily sent a message to He Xun.

[Hubby, I have drawn lots.

Im number 47! My luck today is super good!]

He Xun also replied in seconds.

[My wife is the best.

Ill cheer for you in the competition tomorrow!]

Then, He Xun put down his phone.

The faces of the board of directors at the table turned even more sullen.

What did He Xun mean He was brazenly playing with his phone during a meeting.

Did he even have any respect for the old directors


Lin snorted.


He, although you are young and talented, we are your elders.

You should show us some respect, right”

“Youre right.

Youre all elders.

Youre not young anymore.” He Xun laughed.

These old men were trying to stir up trouble.

He guessed that He Qiu Shan and Luo Qionglan had given them some benefits.

“Its good that you know were your elders.

We…” He Xun interrupted Mr.

Lin before he could finish.

“Uncle Lin, dont be angry.

I surely respect you.

After all, youre all old and dont need to attend the board meeting anymore.” He Xuns voice was flat as if he was casually saying that the weather was good today.

“He Xun, what do you mean by this!”

“Weve worked hard for the company for half our lives.

You want to send us away”


“Uncle, please calm down.

Youre getting old, and youre getting too excited.

Its easy for your blood to rush up.

This place is not close to the hospital, and Im anxious about everyone…” He Xun had a smile on his face the entire time.

Then, before these old men became even angrier, he gave He Zui a look.

He Zui nodded and distributed the information he had prepared.

Everyones expression changed upon seeing the contents of the information.

A new director had invested 500 million yuan in the company…

And evidence of all the directors misappropriating and evading taxes…

“Everyone should have seen clearly that there is a new director in the company.

I remember that there is a rule in the company that directors who account for less than 5% have no right to participate in the board meeting.

Right now, you dont have enough for 5%… Of course, theres also the problem of tax.

I advise you to make up for it quickly, or you may face great punishment…”

“Youre threatening us!” The directors faces darkened.

“Thats not right.

Im urging everyone to be law-abiding citizens.” He Xun had long had enough of these old, pedantic, conservative fellows! With the advanced technology of modern society, those who could not keep up with the pace of the times would be eliminated sooner or later.

Most of the time, they would miss the best time to invest when they were about to vote.

Moreover, these people were all He Qiu Shans men.

Initially, He Xun had given them some faces because they were his elders.

But these people were getting more and more outrageous!

He Qiu Shan and Luo Qionglan had been looking for trouble because of He Yeli.

Would they genuinely think he couldnt touch them if he still didnt make a move

Once the 500 million yuan was out, the shift diluted the shares of everyone.

He Qiu Shan, Luo Qionglan, and He Yelis shares added up to less than 1%.

What else could they do Of course, this was only the beginning.

How could He Xun let Chen Weier suffer in vain

At this time, everyone on Chen Weiers side had drawn their numbers and was filling in their forms.

Naturally, Chen Weier also joined the queue.

At this moment, a girl with a high ponytail nudged her on the shoulder.

“Hey, youre number 47 Lets exchange!”

“What did you just say” Chen Weier suddenly felt that she had used up all her luck, so she had been attracting lunatics today.

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