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After her rebirth, Chen Weier naturally wanted to have a child, a child with He Xun.

She believed that he would be a good father…

He Xuns heart slowly sank as he looked at Chen Weiers silent expression.

She had never thought of having a child with him.

Even though she said she had forgotten Nie Suijing and would always be by his side, He Xun still couldnt be sure whether Chen Weier loved him or not.

Would love truly change someone in a day He Xun didnt think so because even if his heart had died, love had become a habit, just like how he had been with Chen Weier.

In the past, he had wanted to forget Chen Weier more than once because she was two different people in his dreams and reality.

However, whenever he saw Chen Weier, his heart still couldnt help but want to get closer to her.

What about Chen Weier Would she truly have no feelings when she saw Nie Suijing again

For a moment, the atmosphere in the private room became awkward.

Bi Xinduo looked at He Song helplessly.

She didnt expect that her simple question would turn out like this.

He Song patted Bi Xinduo on the shoulder, indicating that this had nothing to do with her.

This matter was a knot in He Xun and his wifes hearts.

“Your Second Sister-in-law is talking to you.

He Xun, is this how I educated you” He Zui slammed the table.

“Where are your manners and upbringing”

Although he was reprimanding He Xun, Chen Weier knew He Zui was talking to her.

Then, she smiled apologetically at Bi Xinduo.

“Second Sister-in-law, Im sorry.

When you asked just now, I started to count my ovulation period.

Its almost time.

What do you think, Hubby” After saying that, she held He Xuns tightly clenched fist.

He Xun looked at her quietly.

Her smile did not seem fake.

His Adams apple bobbed up and down as he nodded.

“Alright,” he said.

Although she knew that He Xun was pretending in front of his eldest brother and the others, Chen Weier couldnt help but feel excited when she heard him being so cooperative.

Hearing this, He Zuis expression turned better.

He looked at Chen Weier and said, “Did you and He Yeli fight in the company”

“Yes, theres also Luo Xinrui.” Chen Weiers attitude became respectful.

“Whats going on” He Zui asked.

He Xun opened his mouth to help Chen Weier explain.

“Eldest Brother…”

“Did I ask you”

He Xun could only shut his mouth when He Zui shot him a glance.

He knew that his eldest brother wanted to hear Chen Weiers story.

“Eldest Brother…” Chen Weier made a cup of tea for He Zui and offered it respectfully with both hands.

She was very polite and thoughtful.

Then, she told him the whole story of the matter without missing a beat.

As soon as he finished speaking, He Zuis expression turned even uglier.

“The Luo family is truly dreaming!” He Zui was furious.

He had personally raised his younger brother.

And Luo Xinrui, she seriously had thoughts of marrying He Xun! Dont even think about it.

“On the night of your fathers birthday, Luo Xinrui left aphrodisiacs in He Xuns room.

He Yeli pulled me away to create an opportunity for Luo Xinrui.

Luo Xinrui was naked and lying with He Xun in our room… Fortunately, He Xun had strong self-control, and I returned in time.

Otherwise…” Chen Weier got angrier the more she thought about it.

That day, she was only worried about He Xuns emotions and forgot to teach the sisters a lesson.

“He Xun, is this true”

He Xuns face turned ashen.

“Yes.” He Xun nodded.

“This is simply preposterous! The Luo family is filthy, and even He Yeli has become like this!” A flash of ruthlessness appeared in He Zuis eyes.

He Xun poured He Zui another tea and said, “Eldest Brother, dont worry.

Ill make them regret it.”

After they cleared up the matter, the private room became lively again.

With He Youyous childlike chatter, the meal was quite enjoyable.

After the meal, they left one after another.

He Zui looked at the back of He Songs family.

His eyes were gentle.

His mother had passed away early, and his father had been a wastrel.

The responsibility of protecting his two younger brothers had fallen on his shoulders.

He Song was a little older then, but He Xun was still a child.

He was the eldest brother in his twenties.

He raised his two younger brothers like this as both a father and a mother.

He had never been married because he was afraid that the wife he married would hurt his brothers.

Now that he saw He Songs family of three being happy and sweet and He Xun and Chen Weiers relationship starting to get better, He Zui suddenly felt satisfied.

His only wish was that his younger brothers could be happy…

“Eldest Brother, its been so many years.

Its been hard on you,” He Xun solemnly said as he walked forward.

“What are you saying!” He Zui gathered his thoughts and said, “Since you and my sister-in-law are planning to have children, hurry up.

When I retire, I will distribute my inheritance to you and Second Brothers children.”

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