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Chen Weier thought that if she kept smiling and performed well, Eldest Brother wouldnt make things difficult for her, right

Seeing that she was in a daze, He Xun stretched out his hand and waved it in front of her.

“What are you thinking about”

“Its nothing…” Chen Weier returned to her senses and said, “But why do they suddenly want to have a meal together Is it a special day” If that was the case, she had to prepare in advance and not lose her manners.

He Xun said calmly, “Eldest Brother knows about what happened at the company yesterday.

He Yeli is making a lot of trouble at home…”

Chen Weier was shocked.

That wasnt something to be proud of.

If He Zui knew about it, wouldnt it confirm his impression of her as a spoiled and willful girl!

Seeing Chen Weiers frightened face, He Xun smiled and touched her hair.

“Its okay.

Both Eldest Brother and Second Brother know He Yelis personality.

Ive explained it to them so that they wont blame you.”

Chen Weier nodded in a daze.

She didnt believe a single word He Xun said.

Although He Zui and He Song didnt like He Yeli, it was hard to say if they would hate her more because of this…

Chen Weier was listless until she got off work in the evening.

“Oh right, Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun stopped me outside the company this morning.” Chen Weier remembered that she had not told He Xun about this matter.

“What are they doing” He Xun suddenly became nervous and carefully looked at Chen Weier.

After confirming that she was not injured, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Ignore them.

If they come looking for you again, call the security.”

Chen Weier nodded.

“Dont worry.

They want me to plead with you.”

“So, did you agree” He Xun glanced at her.

Chen Weier frowned and said, “Do you think Im crazy People like them will only affect the atmosphere of the entertainment industry if they continue to stay.”

He Xuns lips slightly curved up.

He knew that Chen Weier wasnt a person who couldnt distinguish between good and evil.

He had seen many girls with a saints heart.

No matter who they were facing, they had to maintain their so-called kindness.

However, they didnt know this kind of kindness wouldnt help them.

Instead, it would help the bad guys arrogance and eventually harm others and themselves.

He didnt like people who didnt know their place.

His Weier was truly good.

She was kind to good people and never soft-hearted to bad people.

Chen Weier didnt know that He Xun was silently praising her.

She was still afraid of having a meal with He Zui.

The two of them arrived at the private room.

Chen Weier greeted obediently.

When she saw Bi Xinduo calling her over, she quickly sat beside Bi Xinduo, and Youyou sat between Bi Xinduo and He Song.

“Aunty!” Youyou was very enthusiastic when she saw Chen Weier.

Since the last time she saw her teaching her aunt a lesson, Youyou felt that Chen Weier was simply too beautiful!

“Youyou!” Chen Weier pinched Youyous chubby little face and couldnt help but pinch her little arm.

This little one was too cute! Chen Weier couldnt wait to hug and kiss her in her arms.

“Youyou only have eyes for Aunty Didnt you see Uncle Uncle truly doted on you for nothing!” He Xun pinched Youyous nose affectionately.

He liked Youyou very much.

Although he was busy with work, he still went to see her often.

“Youyou is always at home talking about playing with Aunty.” Bi Xinduo laughed.

“She had long forgotten about Third Brother!”

“Is that so, Youyou Then, when Im free, Ill come and find you, okay” Chen Weier couldnt wait to take this baby back home.

“Alright!” Youyou cheered and jumped for joy.

She waved her adorable little arms that could melt people.

“Weier and Third Brother both like children so much.

When are you two going to have one”

This unintentional sentence was like a bomb, blasting Chen Weier and He Xun into silence.

Chen Weier suddenly recalled the child she couldnt give birth to in her previous life.

She had already learned how to take care of it.

Sometimes, she would put a small bump on her belly, and she would use her hands to rub it gently.

Then, she would use her tiny hands or feet to interact.

She would tell the child a story every night before she went to bed.

As for Nie Suijing, he would yell at her.

“Are you f*cking crazy Dont disturb my sleep!” When he was even more impatient, he would kick Chen Weiers back.

“Go to the hospital if youre sick.

Get lost!”

It was appalling.

Even under malnourished conditions, the child still looked very lively.

It was a pity that this child died at the feet of her own father before she could see the world.

For Chen Weier, the matter of the child was an unspeakable regret.

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