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How could the two of them accept this Even though they were unwilling to lower their heads, this was their only option.

As long as Chen Weier opened her mouth to plead for them, there would be a turning point in the matter!

“What are you guys up to now” Chen Weier subconsciously felt something amiss.

“Teacher Chen, Im begging you! Please plead with President He! Were really at our wits end!” Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun were crying sadly, but they honestly hated her in their hearts! If she had said earlier that she had a relationship with He Xun, who would have bullied her

“Who gave you the confidence to think Im a good person who repays evil with good” Chen Weier had never done such a saint-like thing.

What kind and gentle female lead could forgive those who had hurt her

How could there be such an idiot in real life

She had never taken revenge on Nie Suijing because he had not done anything to hurt her in this life.

As long as he stopped pestering her, Chen Weier would not have anything to do with him.

After all, a persons personality would not change.

Chen Weier also understood that Nie Suijing would not change.

Sooner or later, he would get himself killed, so she did not care about it.

She only had one thought in her life.

Love herself and love He Xun so that all the people who loved her would no longer worry.

However, Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun were different.

They bullied and even embarrassed her in front of many people and He Xun.

It was already good enough that she didnt take the initiative to seek revenge on them but to plead for mercy Come and die!

Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun kowtowed repeatedly.

“Please be magnanimous and dont hold it against us! Teacher Chen, if you dont save us, we will be forced to die.

You dont want to carry such a reputation, right President He has already banned us!”

“That kind of reputation Im just asking you to leave the entertainment industry, and this will force you to die Have you ever thought you would force a girl in her early twenties to death by doing that thing Because of some groundless accusations, these pressed all kinds of disgusting words on me So, who was the one who forced who to die” Chen Weiers character was strong.

Moreover, she was also a person with memories of two lifetimes.

Her ability to accept things was different.

But what if it was her first time Even if she didnt commit suicide, her heart would still be affected.

Moreover, it was not the first time people like Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun were like this.

They had hurt many girls in the past! Those girls, did they have a chance to argue

“Teacher Chen! We were wrong.

Please, Ill be your slave! Ill do anything you want!” Compared to Mu Yun, Yu Xinwus skin was thicker.

She didnt care about Chen Weiers sarcasm.

If Chen Weier were willing to help her, she would bow and kneel to her.

After all, as long as she had the chance, she would be able to stand up.

It was still not sure who would win in the end.

“I have nothing to say to you.

If you stop me again, Ill call the police!” Chen Weier should have understood long ago that they simply didnt know what regret was.

Everyone deserved to be respected, and this respect had nothing to do with ones status or position.

It was the most basic courtesy of a human being.

Everyone was equal, and society spurned those who thought there was a difference between people the most.

She had stayed at the bottom of society in her previous life.

And she knew what it felt like to be looked down on by people.

The culprits should pay the price for their actions.

Chen Weier shook them off and went to the dance studio again.

She found that everyones eyes had changed again.


They were in awe and afraid as if she was some kind of dreadful monster.

Chen Weier sighed.

She had already expected this outcome.

Everyone in the Media Department knew about her relationship with He Xun.

Even if they didnt dare to guess, they knew that she had a certain status in He Xuns eyes.

They were afraid that if they accidentally provoked her, they would end up like Mu Yun and Yu Xinwu.

Chen Weiers expression didnt change as she started her teaching.

Her students were more enthusiastic than before, which might be a good thing.

At noon, Chen Weier was about to go to the restaurant for lunch when she received a message from He Xun.

[Come to my office.]

Chen Weier thought for a while.

Anyway, there would be no more rumors about her and Yang Zui.

Going to He Xuns office for lunch was honestly the best choice.

“We wont be going back for dinner tonight,” He Xun said slowly after the meal.

“Eldest Brother and Second Brother said they want to have a family meal together.”

Chen Weier was a little scared that she would eat with He Zui.

To He Xun, He Zui was the head of the family and was more like a father.

However, this father-like elder brother of his didnt like her very much.

Chen Weier wanted to escape, but he had already said they were having a family meal.

How could she escape

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