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“Im warning you for the last time.

Watch your daughter.

If she dares to come to the company or say anything that she shouldnt in front of Chen Weier, I believe you wont be willing to let me educate her.

As for Miss Luo, she was just a partner! Do you honestly think I cant write off the bad debt you signed with the Luo family Tell Luo Qionglan that if she wants the Luo familys business to continue, she should know her place.” After saying that, He Xun hung up the phone.

His father and the people from the Luo family made him feel disgusted.

If it werent for the fact that he had to maintain the He familys image, he would have long cut off their father-son relationship.

On the other side, He Qiu Shan was holding his phone.

His face was ashen.

The living room was silent.

Luo Qionglan couldnt help but ask, “What does He Xun mean Im your wife.

How could he casually call my name”

He Qiu Shan glared at her.

“You still have the face to say that What do you want to hear if you dont let him call your name Do you want to be called mother If he gets angry, he wont even call me his father! I told you we had to think about this carefully, but you forced me to make the call! Are you satisfied now If you continue to cause trouble, dont even f*cking continue your familys business!”

Of course, that also involved his money.

He Qiu Shan was now living on the dividends He Xun gave to the company every year.

Now, the matter of the ancient jade was no longer possible, and he would not be able to get any money!

Could it be that he had to use that money At the thought of this, He Qiu Shan shuddered.

No, if his three sons found out the source of the money, everything would be over…

“As a father, you cant control your son.

Why are you blaming me” Luo Qionglan had been married for many years, but she had never heard such harsh words.

She couldnt maintain her meek appearance and smashed everything in the living room.

“Get lost! Dont bother me! If you want to smash things, then smash them!” In his entire life, He Qiu Shan hated to hear others say that he could not control his son.

He had lost all his pride as a man.

But in reality, he really could not control his son!

Luo Qionglans words had instantly pierced through the last bit of his face!

“Alright, Ill leave now!” Luo Qionglan ran out crying.

She left He Yeli and Luo Xinrui standing awkwardly in place.

They didnt expect things to develop to this point…

“Dad…” He Yeli tried to open her mouth.

He Qiu Shans anger towards He Xun, which he did not dare to vent, was all unleashed.

“And you, cant you be a little more obedient Why did you provoke Chen Weier Do you think I dont know what youre thinking Youre just like your mother.

You only know some useless little tricks.

If youre strictly capable, go find He Xun yourself and ask him to give you the company!”

He Yeli was already embarrassed today, and her father scolded her again.

So, she suddenly became angry.

“Youre seriously saying that If you can, why dont you take the company from your son yourself We wouldnt have to suffer this kind of vexation!”


A crisp sound made Luo Xinrui swallow her words.

He Yeli covered her red and swollen face while looking at her father who had always doted on her in shock.

That was the first time He Qiu Shan had ever hit her.

And all of this was because of Chen Weier!

The next day, Chen Weier went to work as usual.

Everyone probably knew about it, but she remained prideful.

Before succeeding in her career, she didnt want to appear in the public eye as He Xuns wife.

However, when she walked to the companys entrance as usual, two people suddenly rushed out and stopped her.

Chen Weier was shocked and almost called security.

“Teacher Chen, please let us go!” The two of them knelt in front of her.

Chen Weier was stunned.

She finally realized their identities.

They were Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun.

Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun had been waiting at the company since early morning, and finally, Chen Weier appeared.

Yesterday, when Yang Zui mentioned terminating the contract, they did not care at all.

After all, there was no lack of companies who wanted them with their status.

Moreover, it was the company that proposed to terminate the contract.

They shouldnt even get a penalty for breaching it.

However, the Legal Department told them that their behavior in the cafeteria was considered the proximate cause of the incident.

When they signed the contract, the company rules were clearly provided.

If the company terminated the contract, they would have to pay the penalty.

Not only that, Yu Xinwu was also sued for defamation.

It was revealed that she spread the false relationship between Chen Weier and Yang Zui…

All the money added up to almost 100 million yuan.

How could Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun afford it

Moreover, He Xun had already spread the word that…no company should be allowed to sign a contract with them! Their professional careers were over just like that!

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