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Seeing He Qiu Shans silence, He Yeli finally understood, but she would not give up until she achieved her goal.

She directly lay on the ground and started to act shamelessly.

“Am I truly your biological daughter Do you only have eyes for your son”

He Qiu Shans face darkened.

“What nonsense are you spouting Your brothers are all smart.

Dad knows they have wronged you and will surely help you get back at them.

However, this matter needs careful consideration.”

“What do you mean” Luo Qionglan had lived with He Qiu Shan for more than ten years.

How could she not see that He Qiu Shan was feeling guilty

She also started to complain.

“Qiu Shan! Ive been married to you for so many years.

How much have I suffered Your eldest son is a few years older than me, but he doesnt care about me.

The other two are just following suit.

Do you think we deserve to be bullied by your sons like this I married you at such a young age.

You were already in your fifties at that time.

Wasnt it all for fewer grievances and to be happy And now, my daughter has been beaten up by an outsider in front of everyone in our own company.

Whats the point of us living”

As expected, He Qiu Shan felt guilty.

“Qionglan, you married me at such a young age.

Of course, I want you to be happy! Dont worry.

Ill surely get an explanation from He Xun!”

Luo Qionglan wiped her tears pitifully.


“Our precious daughter has been wronged.

As her father, how can I not do anything” He Qiu Shan said it with great authority.

Luo Qionglan turned around and picked up her phone.

He Qiu Shan fell silent again.

He was afraid of offending He Xun.

Out of his three sons, he wouldnt be able to gain any advantage no matter which one he went up against.

He was most afraid of his eldest son, He Zui.

Qiu Shan had insisted on marrying the pregnant Luo Qionglan back then, but He Zui had given him a good beating.

He Xun was raised by He Zui.

If He Zui found out that he called He Xun to scold him for Ye Li…


Moreover, He Qiu Shan did not want to be led around by the nose by Luo Qionglan.

Even though they had feelings for each other back then, how could Luo Qionglan be more attractive than a young girl after many years The two of them had long hated each other, but now, what would happen to his face if he didnt make this call How could a father sit by and do nothing when an outsider bullied his daughter

In the end, He Qiu Shan slowly picked up his phone under Luo Qionglans watchful gaze.

The phone rang for a long time.

Just as He Qiu Shan thought that the call would not go through and heaved a sigh of relief, He Xun picked up the call.

“What is it”

“He Xun, Yeli and Xinrui went to the company today.

I heard that Chen Weier bullied them in the company” He Qiu Shan asked.

However, Luo Qionglan quickly glared at him and pinched his arm to signal him to be sterner.

After all, He Qiu Shans attitude did not seem like he was trying to reason with his son.

It honestly looked like he was apologizing to the other party.

He Xun snorted coldly and said indifferently.

“Who told you that Yeli or Xinrui”

“He Xun!” He Qiu Shan became severe.

“Yeli is your sister, and Xinrui is your cousin.

How can you sit by and do nothing when outsiders in the company are bullying your family members What are you thinking”

He Xuns voice was cold.

“Then, may I ask Miss Luo what she said in the company to make people think shes my wife As for He Yeli, I think Ive made it very clear.

Ive asked the security department to delete He Yelis face information.

Dont let your daughter come to my company again! Also, Weier is not an outsider.

She is my woman, my wife.

I will not tolerate anyone who dares to make her suffer!”

He Qiu Shans expression was hideous.

“What do you mean Were all one family.

I passed down the He Group into your hands.

Now that youve taken over all the power, youre starting to disown me as your father”

He Xuns eyes darkened, and his tone became sharp.

“I am already addressing you as father.

Do you have the cheek to object My elder brother raised me, and the company was given to me by my elder brother.

What does it have to do with you”

“You!” Having been exposed by his son, He Qiu Shan was so angry that his hands were shaking.

He had gone overboard back then, but which middle-aged man could stand a little girl in her twenties acting coquettishly with him

Luo Qionglan couldnt even take care of He Yeli.

How could she take care of He Xun Then, He Zui took the initiative to take He Xun away, so he naturally heaved a sigh of relief.

Who wouldve thought that his son would treat him like a stranger after he raised him

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