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“President He” Tian Yue was puzzled.

“Come with me.” He Xun walked directly toward the office.

Tian Yue followed He Xun and felt even more puzzled.

After entering, He Xun pointed to the lounge.

“You can come in.

She might still be taking a nap.

Knock on the door first.”

“Alright,” she said.

Tian Yue suppressed the questions in her heart and walked over calmly to knock on the door of the resting room.

She heard a sweet female voice.

“Come in.”

One could tell that it was a beautiful woman from the voice.

Tian Yues curiosity was piqued.

She slowly pushed the door open and walked in—only to see a woman leaning on the bed and playing with her mobile phone.

The woman had probably just woken up as her eyes were still tired.

Her languid expression made Tian Yue blush uncontrollably.

Furthermore, she was wearing a mans shirt, which made her speculate.

Tian Yue could not help but think.

‘President He is too intense.

He even tore the girls clothes

Yang Zui had already covered up the incident in the afternoon.

Hence, Tian Yue did not know who the young woman was, much less when she had entered the room.

“Hello, Madam.

President He asked me to buy you these clothes.

Please try them on.” Tian Yue handed over the bag.

Chen Weier stretched out her hand and received it.

She sweetly smiled and said, “Thank you!”

Tian Yue was so excited that her eyes sparkled when the woman raised her head.

The woman was too beautiful! President He, this ice-cold man, actually had much luck with women!

The following afternoon, the news of a beautiful woman in President Hes lounge spread throughout the presidents office.

“That girl is so pretty! She has a good figure…”

“The artists in the entertainment department have the best figures in our company.

Dont tell me President He is also looking for small-time celebrities”

“No way! President He is the most upright person in my heart…”

“Not necessarily.

The woman might be President Hes wife.

After all, President He is already married!”


Chen Weier didnt know about these words.

The first thing she did after changing was to leave this place! It was because the size of the undergarments He Xun had sent over was too small! She felt a little out of breath.


At the He familys old residence…

“Dad! That Chen Weier is simply a lunatic.

Look at me now.

All the employees in the company have seen me! How am I going to enter the company in the future!” He Yeli was crying dramatically in front of He Qiu Shan.

Luo Xinrui added.

“Yeli and I didnt expect Third Sister-in-law to be so arrogant in the company.

She got into a fight with two artists.

Yeli went to ask about it, but she hit her… I went to stop the fight, but she poured liquid all over me…”

He Qiu Shans heart ached as he looked at his younger daughter.

“Why did you start fighting”

“That Chen Weier is like a mad dog.

Who knows whats wrong with her! Shes also very indecent.

There are rumors in the company that Chen Weier and Third Brothers assistant, Yang Zui, have an illicit relationship!” The more He Yeli spoke, the angrier she got.

Chen Weier had an ambiguous relationship with a man named Nie Suijing, and now, she was seducing the people around her husband!

He Qiu Shans eyes widened.

“That woman honestly dared to have such a relationship in the company He Xun doesnt care”

He Yeli cried and complained.

“Dad, Third Brother is so smitten by that woman!” He was also crazy! She bullied Xinrui and me, but Third Brother didnt help us.

He even scolded me for that woman and wanted to take my shares away! He even told Sister Xinrui not to report to him in the future!”

“This is simply preposterous!” He Qiu Shan slammed the table heavily.

“I thought Chen Weier was from a small family and was easy to manipulate.

But this person is hard to control.

She even dares to bully my daughter!”

He Qiu Shans mouth was dry from all the scolding.

Then, he started scolding He Xun.

“How did I give birth to a son like this How could he be close to a woman And hes truly led by the nose by that woman! He didnt care about his family, but he cared about outsiders”

He Yeli quickly hugged He Qiu Shans arm and said, “Dad, you must help me and Sister Xinrui! Weve lost face today, got beaten, and suffered grievances…”

In the end, He Qiu Shan fell silent.

His power had long been taken away by his three sons.

Recently, Old Zhu asked him out for tea and showed off his new piece of ancient jade.

He liked it too, but where would he have the money to buy it He only received a small share of the companys dividends every year.

The rest of the money was in the hands of his three sons.

However, he didnt want to lose face in front of his old friends.

He planned to call his sons these days and ask them to give him some money.

Where would he find the money if he were to start a fight with He Xun now

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