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“Lets sleep for a while.” As soon as he finished speaking, He Xun was so angry that he wanted to bite off his tongue.

What was he saying It didnt seem right to invite her to sleep on the bed with him after what had happened.

He honestly wanted to say that he would take a nap!

He Xuns adrenaline had soared from the stimulation just now.

He truly wanted to turn into a wolf and make the best of the situation.

He…he didnt dare to have such a thought when he looked at that fair little face.

His baby was so pure.

How could he take advantage of her

However, He Xun didnt know that his pure and precious wife, Chen Weier, couldnt wait to push him onto the bed and take off his clothes…

No one knew where the couples misunderstanding of each other had come from…

Of course, even though she was thinking about it, Chen Weier would only dare to seduce her husband and force herself on him.

She might even need to add two bottles of liquor to boost her courage! Her charm really cant eat He Xun.

But now, when Chen Weier heard He Xuns words, she threw her clothes aside and happily pounced on the bed.

He Xun saw something shaking under the translucent shirt.

He wanted to have a nosebleed again.

He Xun felt as if he had personally dug a hole and then jumped into it, even burying it with some soil.

Chen Weier hugged He Xuns arm and rubbed against it.

“Then, lets take an afternoon nap together.”

He Xun wanted to say, “Not good.” But when the words came out, they became, “Good.”

He Xun spurned himself in his heart, but his body obediently lay beside Chen Weier.

Chen Weier wasnt sleepy.

She kept rubbing her head against He Xuns body, and her small hands kept touching here and there.

He Xuns heart was numb.

“Dont rub around anymore!”

“Why” Chen Weier pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction.

She was excited and wanted to move around.

He Xun looked at her and felt that she seemed to be even more excited.

He held his breath and said, “Theres no reason.

Close your eyes and sleep.”

“I cant sleep.” Chen Weier mumbled.

“You just said that we are taking an afternoon nap together.

You must be tired.

Hurry up and sleep.” He Xuns body stiffened.

“But Im not sleepy when I lie down.

Hubby, I cant sleep…” Chen Weier raised her tiny head and acted coquettishly.

Her soft and tender voice made his body go soft.

He Xun felt that he couldnt go on like this.

It was too deadly.

He started to recall the news broadcast in his mind before he calmed down.

Then, he pinched Chen Weiers tiny face.

“Since you cant sleep, then dont sleep.

Lets talk about what happened in the company today.”

Chen Weier was speechless.

So, who exactly was He Xun Was he made of steel

“Be good.

Lets take an afternoon nap.” Chen Weier was silent for a moment.

“No, youre not sleepy.

So, why did you fight with them” He Xun turned her face back to face him.

Chen Weier knew she couldnt avoid it and immediately looked at him with dissatisfaction.

“Its all your fault.

Look at what kind of people you have in your company.

Theyre spouting nonsense!”

She had to take the moral high ground first.

As expected, He Xuns face revealed a guilty expression.

“Im sorry.

Its my fault.

There wont be any more of this in the future.

Ive already asked Yang Zui to fire them.”

“Hmph!” Chen Weier glared at him and then poked his stiff arm.

“And whats with that Luo Xinrui Dont you know that everyone in your company is saying that shes the real Madam He She said she would come to the company several times a month! You guys had a great time chatting and were so gentle to her! Shes the woman whos been in and out of your office the most!”

Chen Weier added oil to the fire, determined to push all the mistakes to He Xun, trying to make him forget her embarrassing incident today.

He Xun felt he had dug a hole for himself again, so why did he mention this matter “Im sorry.

She wont appear again.” He Xun had never coaxed anyone before, so he didnt know how to coax Chen Weier.

He was clumsy and didnt know what to do at this moment.

He only knew how to keep apologizing.

“Hmph!” Chen Weier pretended to be angry and said, “They stood in front of me, ridiculed me, and flattered her.

They said that she was your wife.

She was the person in your heart.

They even said that you pampered her a lot! You cant wait to see her every day.” Chen Weier felt she had added too much and didnt know how to end it.

“I didnt.” He Xun felt wronged.

“She only comes to report her work every month.

I only give her 20 minutes.

Once the time is up, I let her go.

Ive never talked to her about anything else during work hours! Ill disclose your identity today, okay”

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