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He Xun, who had been waiting outside for half an hour, realized that Chen Weier hadnt come out yet.

He went over and knocked on the door.

“Whats wrong with you”

Chen Weier patted her red face and said, “I didnt bring a towel… And I didnt bring any clothes…”

“Then, why didnt you call me” He Xun furrowed his eyebrows.

“I… Im too embarrassed to call you…” Chen Weier pursed her lips and lowered her head.

“Wait a moment.

Ill go get it,” He Xun said helplessly.

Afterward, He Xun returned with a clean bath towel, a shirt, and a pair of pants.

The bathroom door opened a small gap from the inside, and a snow-white arm stretched out.

After taking the bath towel and clothes, it quickly shrank back.

He Xun looked at her small movements and found them funny.

Why was she so cute

As for Chen Weier, she looked at herself in the mirror and was slightly shocked.

How should she put it… She couldnt wear her undergarments soaked in fruit juice, so she washed them.

However, after she finished washing them, she realized that there was no dryer!

The main point was that He Xuns clothes were all white.

It was fine for men to wear them, but for women…

The two red spots on the chest… They seemed to be in a state of standing firm and welcoming.

It was more provocative than not wearing anything.

That wasnt the end.

He Xun was 1.9 meters tall.

His suit pants were huge for Chen Weier.

After she put it on, the pants would fall if she didnt hold the trousers waist up.

However, when she held it, a soft part of her lower body would stick to his pants…


He Xun watched the financial news for a while and realized that Chen Weier hadnt come out yet.

He went to knock on the door again.

“Whats wrong”

“Its okay.

Ill…come out immediately!” Chen Weier cheered herself on.

Dont panic when things happen.

She was determined to push He Xun down! So, she shouldnt be afraid!

Then, she went out.

Then, He Xun was dumbfounded.

Water vapor covered her whole body, and her small face was white with a tinge of red.

Her long hair, cut short, had grown a lot and could be draped over her shoulders.

The water droplets at the end of her hair had wet the front of her shirt, and one could see the skin color inside.

One can see two faint red spots on the protruding part of her body.

In an instant, He Xun felt the air was dry and hot, and he couldnt breathe.

And he didnt know where to look…

“Do you have a hairdryer I want to dry my hair.” Chen Weier held her pants uneasily.

Her hair was still dripping and sticking to her face.

It made her uncomfortable.

She also needed to blow dry her undergarments, or it would be too awkward!

“Ill get it for you.” He Xuns adams apple moved slightly.

He went to the cabinet to get the hairdryer and turned to give it to Chen Weier.

She took the hairdryer with one hand and clutched her pants tightly with the other.

However, how could she untie the power cord of the hairdryer with one hand” The waist of your pants is enormous.

I cant let go.

Can you help me remove the power cable” Chen Weier said with difficulty.

“Alright,” he said.

Following Chen Weiers words, He Xun almost thought she had made him pull up his pants.

He suddenly felt like he was about to suffocate.

Fortunately, she asked him to untie the power cable.

However, the thing he usually pulled open had become a dead knot under He Xuns operation today!

He Xun flicked his hand in frustration and threw the hairdryer away.

Chen Weier subconsciously reached out to catch it…

Then… The pants fell off under He Xuns gaze.


So…Chen Weier was only wearing a translucent shirt from head to toe!

Before He Xun could react to what had happened, he saw such an exciting scene.

Even if he could compare his shirt to Chen Weiers skirt, this barely perceptible, hazy beauty was the most deadly! His strong manhood and blood instantly rushed in one direction!

As a result, He Xun saw Chen Weiers eyes widen in horror, and she said in shock, “He Xun! Did you get a nosebleed”

Twenty minutes later…

He Xun used a tissue to stop his nosebleed.

Chen Weier used He Xuns tie and bound her pants to her body.

She dried her hair in silence.

Her mind thought about what had just happened.

Why did He Xun take 20 minutes to stop the nosebleed Of course, the process wasnt that simple! Just as He Xun was having a nosebleed, Chen Weier reacted and seized the opportunity to pounce over.

That was the time when He Xuns self-control was at its weakest.

Of course, she had to seize the opportunity! After all, it was a golden opportunity.

Especially since he had a nosebleed, it proved that she was still very tempting to He Xun.

Therefore, at that moment, Chen Weiers potential exploded like never before…

And the result!

He carried her…and threw her onto the bed.

Then, he quickly ran out of the lounge as if he was avoiding a scorpion and closed the door!

The resentful Chen Weier finished blowing her hair and then blew her underwear.

After calming down, He Xun wanted to say a few words to Chen Weier to calm himself down.

Seeing her action, he coughed awkwardly.

“Ill get someone to buy you a new one.

Otherwise, youll have to keep drying for a long time.”

Chen Weier immediately put it down and turned her head to ask, “Then, what are you doing now”

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