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“Find out who these people are.

Dont let a single one of them off.

Fire them all! Whoever spread the rumors, send me a lawyers letter!” The latter part of his sentence was even more overboard.

He Xun was so angry that he almost threw his mobile phone.

But when he thought of Chen Weier, he let it go.

“Dont worry, President He!” Yang Zui nodded his head vigorously.

Chen Weier sensed that the atmosphere was not right and asked doubtfully, “Whats wrong”

“Im fine.” He Xun didnt want Chen Weier to know about this matter.

His woman would only be a princess who he held in his hands.

However, Chen Weier was not a child.

Seeing Yang Zuis evasive gaze, she felt that this matter was probably related to her.

When Yang Zui wasnt paying attention, she grabbed the phone and glanced at it.

It was hard not to be angry!

“What are the people in your company thinking Theyre getting more and more outrageous!”

She had entered the elevator with Yang Zui and had become his lover!

“You dont have to worry about them.

Ill handle it,” He Xun consoled her.

Chen Weier shook her head and looked at He Xun solemnly.

“I wont come to your office for lunch tomorrow!”

He Xuns face stiffened.

“Just because they made it up”

Chen Weier lowered her eyes.

“Thats not it.

I just dont like people looking at me with probing eyes.

Besides, its unreasonable for a dance teacher like me to take the presidents elevator.”

“Then, lets make our relationship public.

Youre my wife.” He Xun held Chen Weiers hand and said in an irrefutable tone.

Chen Weier quickly dispelled his thoughts.

“Didnt we agree to wait for a while”

He Xun looked at Chen Weier with a complicated expression.

Chen Weier felt uncomfortable under his gaze and avoided his eyes.

After a long time, He Xun finally spoke, “As you wish.”

“I sincerely want to make it public, but its not the right time yet.

Can you wait for me for a while” Chen Weier awkwardly pulled the corner of her clothes.

He Xun laughed at himself.

He had been waiting for her for two years, and it seemed that waiting had become a habit.


Chen Weiers eyes flickered.

“Thank you.

Hubby, youre the best!” After speaking, she stood on her tiptoes, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek.

Because of this sudden action, He Xuns body immediately stiffened.

He looked at Chen Weier with a burning gaze, but Chen Weier had already gone to eat happily.

The corners of He Xuns mouth couldnt help but curve slightly.

His frustration from her refusal to make her identity public disappeared instantly.

Yang Zui was confused.

‘President He, Madam He, I havent left yet! Why Are single people not considered human

After eating, Chen Weier slept in He Xuns Lounge for a while before returning to class.

This time, the girls who had learned dance from her looked at her carefully.

The gaze was not with respect but with fear and envy.

Chen Weier knew what they were thinking.

She pretended not to see it and continued with the class.

Some of them were more serious.

If Chen Weier knew they were working harder because of the rumors that she was good in bed, she would probably die on the spot!

Who influenced these girls at this age to have their thoughts go astray

During break time, Guo Dan came over and boldly asked, “Teacher Chen, is your husband, Assistant Yang”

Chen Weier looked at Guo Dan and said, “When you guys see the rumors, dont you use your brains to think”

“Isnt it Otherwise, why would Assistant Yang invite Teacher Chen to dinner” Guo Dan scratched her head in confusion.

Chen Weier understood.

This little girl didnt know anything, and others could easily influence her.

“Ive known Assistant Yang for a long time.

Were old friends, so he took special care of me.

Its not what you think.”

“I see.” Guo Dan jabbed her fingers together awkwardly and did not continue asking.

After work, Chen Weier still got into He Xuns car at the next intersection.

However, she had specially wrapped herself up tightly today.

Those who didnt know would think that she was Guo Dan.

Seeing her like this, He Xun smiled.

Then, he remembered that many things in the office belonged to her, and he shook his head affectionately.

“Hurry up and go.

Dont let others see you!” As soon as Chen Weier got in, she urged the driver to drive quickly.

The driver couldnt understand.

Why did Madam He seem like she could not be exposed Was she a third party Rich peoples thoughts were genuinely bizarre.

He Xun helped her tidy up her hair, which the hat had messed up.

Then, he took out a card and handed it to her.

Chen Weier didnt even look at it.

Her acting addiction had come up, and she looked at him with a pair of big wet eyes.

“President He, did Madam He discover me So, youre going to use the money to send me away You dont want me anymore”

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