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Chen Weier was confused.

What did she mean She wanted to sell her body, but He Xun didnt give her a chance!

Yu Xinwu angrily pushed the door of her resting room open.

She was so angry that she smashed everything on the table.

“Who provoked you again” Brother Zhu helplessly gestured for his assistant, Xiao Hong, to pick up the things, then walked over to comfort her.

“Its all because of that Chen Weier! She was too arrogant! I went to her dance studio to practice, but she said that it was her exclusive dance studio! She sent me out!” As Yu Xinwu spoke, she pulled Xiao Hong over and pinched her stomach a few times.

She only felt better when she saw Xiao Hong crying in pain.

Brother Zhus face darkened, and he asked Xiao Hong to leave.

He then told her about Chen Weier.

“Theres an exclusive dance studio The treatment is so good”

It had appeased Yu Xinwus anger, but when she thought of Chen Weier, she became angry again.

“A newcomer dares to step on my head! How powerful would she be in the future Ive seen her face.

Shes pure at most! What kind of taste does Yang Zui have” Although she said that, as a woman, she was sure that Chen Weier didnt put on any makeup this morning.

Her appearance could directly crush the companys models.

“What do you plan to do then We cant afford to offend Yang Zui!” Zhu Qiang knew Yu Xinwus character.

She was straightforward, impulsive, and brainless, but she was an excellent money-making machine.

Because she was obedient, he was willing to tolerate her little temper.

Yu Xinwu rolled her eyes and said, “We cant afford to offend Yang Zui, but what about President He I dont believe President He doesnt care.

Yang Zui dared to give his little lover resources and even brought his lover to the Presidents office for a meal.

She even took the presidents exclusive elevator.

You can spread this news.

By then, the President might punish Yang Zui.

Id like to see what Chen Weier will do!”

“Can you do it” Zhu Qiang was a little hesitant.

He felt that this method might not be of much use.

“Then, what do you think we should do” Yu Xinwu said unhappily, “We block her now or wait for her to fight with me for resources in the future.”

Zhu Qiang thought for a moment and made up his mind.

“We cant use Chairman Miaos connections any more.

I can only rely on myself!” Since Yang Zui has her first lover, she can have a second one!”

“Of course, I wont let this opportunity slip by!” Yu Xinwus eyes were sinister.

At noon, Chen Weier took the elevator card that He Xun gave her and skipped to find him for lunch.

Today, she filled her bag with a lot of things.

When other women came in and saw so many girlthings in He Xuns office, they would know he already had someone by his side!


When Chen Weier came in triumphantly, He Xun was still reading some documents.

She didnt disturb him.

It was just time to carry out her plan.

She walked around the entire office, and there were many pairs of little things wherever she went.

She placed her red panda pillow on the bed in the lounge, and on the bookshelf, she put her pink leopard doll! She placed her glass of water on the coffee table! There were a few more small succulent potted plants on the bar counter! In the end, she secretly placed a small photo frame on He Xuns desk.

He wouldnt find out, would he Chen Weiers sinful little hand had yet to withdraw when He Xun raised his head and looked at her.

“What are you doing”

She truly wanted to ask if he was blind.

“Nothing much.

I was just looking around…” Chen Weier pretended as if nothing had happened and left the crime scene.

He Xuns gaze shifted to the photo frame she had placed.

In the photo, Chen Weier smiled sweetly and wore a students uniform.

Alright, he pretended to be blind and continued to work with his head lowered.

Chen Weier also heaved a relief sigh, thinking he hadnt noticed!

After a while, Yang Zui came in to have lunch with him, but he looked like he wanted to say something but stopped himself.

“If you have something to say, then say it.” He Xun glanced at Yang Zui and said coldly.

When Yang Zui heard this, he almost knelt before He Xun.

“President He, you must spare me! Im innocent!”

He Xun looked at Yang Zui in confusion, who had been with him for several years.

He had done his best and was similarly an upright person.

What had happened to make him so afraid

Seeing that He Xun was silent, Yang Zui plucked up his courage and took out his phone, passing it to He Xun.

He Xuns face instantly darkened seeing the contents of the discussion in the entertainment departments group chat.

[Shocking news! That Chen Weier who taught dancing is indeed Yang Zuis lover!]

[I saw her enter the presidents elevator again in the middle of the day!]

[Yang Zui is way too arrogant.

He made his lover use the presidents elevator card.

Does President He know about this]

[Who knows… I thought that Yang Zui was a good person.

Hes a man…]

[Chen Weier is still the best.

She looks pretty pure, but I didnt expect her to be so wanton.

Shes probably excellent in bed.

She even tamed Yang Zui!]

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