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He Xun chuckled and said, “What are you saying, Director Guan Ive had a lot of fun at your place for the past few days.”

“Two days” Director Guan Libo did not feel happy at all.

He shouted, “Youre not here for business Are you here to play”

He Xun pretended to be surprised.

“Did Director Guan think I was going to discuss business My assistant also said you dont intend to discuss business.

In addition, you didnt plan to look for me these few days, so I naturally had fun for a few days.”

“You!” Guan Libo also felt he was wrong.

He initially wanted to give He Xun a show of force, but he didnt expect He Xun not to take the blow.

He had to speak in a good tone.

“Then, does President He intend to buy my film”

“That will depend on Director Guans sincerity.” He Xun was very confident when it came to business.

Ultimately, He Xun had to reduce the original funds by 30% to win the film.

When everyone heard the news, they expressed their admiration again for President He.

Indeed, he wasnt called a business genius for anything.

Even Chen Weiers dance trainees knew about this news and discussed it privately.

While Chen Weier was washing her hands, she heard a few girls secretly muttering while touching up their makeup.

“President He is too amazing.

He brought in so much profit in just two days!”

“But President He looks so young.

Theres no specific news on the internet.

He doesnt seem to be familiar with models at all.”

“I think his wife is the biggest winner.

I heard from my brother that he had a meal with a senior executive of the He group.

I heard President He is already married.

Its an open secret in their circle of rich and powerful families, but ordinary people like us dont know about it.”

“Really I seriously want to ask his wife how President He felt… I think she slept with him…”

Chen Weier directly splashed cold water on her face.

She truly wanted to tell those girls that his wife had not slept with President He yet.

She didnt know how it would feel.

At noon, Chen Weier didnt have an employee card, and she didnt want to spread any rumors, so she went out to eat.

She wanted to try the nearby snacks, such as chicken pot, pork trotter rice, fried sauce noodles…

Chen Weier thought as she walked.

Which one should she eat later Ultimately, she bumped into Yang Zui, who had just returned from packing.

“Madam, what are you doing here”

“Im going to eat.” Chen Weier pointed in the direction of the food street.

Yang Zuis expression changed.

He wanted to say something but hesitated.

“Youre going to the food street to eat”

“Yeah,” Chen Weier was puzzled.

Could it be that the employees here werent allowed to go out to eat

“Madam, please wait a moment.

Ill call President He and ask for his instructions.” Yang Zui did not dare to let President Hes little sweetheart go to the food street to eat just like that.

He quickly gave President He a call.

After speaking, President He spoke in an unfriendly tone, “Bring her up to eat with me.”

He Xun thought that the food in the snack street must be dirty, and she would indeed feel uncomfortable eating it.

“Alright,” Yang Zui said.

After receiving President Hes instructions, Yang Zui felt more at ease.

“Madam, President He wants you to eat with him.”

“No one will see it, right” Chen Weier was a little hesitant.

Yang Zui was a little confused.

He truly wanted to ask, “Madam, whats wrong with someone seeing you eating with your husband” Of course, he couldnt say this out loud.

So, Yang Zui just said thoughtfully, “Dont worry, Madam.

Other than me, no one else would dare to enter the office.” Yang Zui scolded the moment he entered, and everyone hid far away.

He was the only thick-skinned one!

“Thats good.” Without the problem that she was worried about, Chen Weier went back with Yang Zui directly.

As they walked, she didnt forget to inquire about the news.

“Where have you been these few days”

“We went to Country M,” Yang Zui replied.

“Is that so Just you two” Chen Weier continued to ask.

“Yes, but President Hes going out this time is not part of the work arrangement.” Yang Zui pushed his glasses.

Chen Weier thought,Sure enough, he met a beauty secretly.

“Then, who did he go to see”

“Its because President He was in a bad mood for the past few days.

He was just trying to relax,” Yang Zui replied.

He felt that he had made it very clear.

Madam should understand President He went out to relax because of her, right

Chen Weier almost lost her temper.

So, He Xun felt depressed when he was with her, but he wanted to go out with his little lover to relax

“Was it just the two of you the whole time” She asked while holding her breath.

“Not really.

Were mostly with the people Director Guan Libo arranged for us,” Yang Zui answered.

Chen Weier thought,So, this person is also an actress Was it related to Director Guan Libo

“Then, He Xun must be pleased to have the company of a beautiful woman overseas,” she said in a low voice.

Yang Zui was confused.

“I have always been by President Hes side!”

Why couldnt she understand what Yang Zui was saying

‘Did Madam suspect President He had another woman

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