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“There is no old man,” Cao Yaoyao said.

Her eyes were sharp.

“Ive relied on myself to get to where I am today!”

Chen Weier laughed.

“Working hard in bed Its up to you.

And I dont care what you and Nie Suijing do.

After all, it has nothing to do with me!”

“Stop pretending! Who doesnt know that youre the best at pretending You must hate me to death, right” Cao Yaoyaos expression was ferocious.

“The man you love so much is like a dog in front of me!”

“Hes indeed a dog, I dont deny that.

But is that old man too old to satisfy you Cant wait to find a young man now Did Nie Suijing tell you that he dumped me Is he even worthy” Chen Weier sneered.

It seemed that Cao Yaoyao and Nie Suijing were really a good match.

“You!” Cao Yaoyaos chest heaved in anger.

“You havent been in touch with dancing for two years.

How dare you be disrespectful to your senior Do you believe that Ill make sure you cant dance for the rest of your life” Cao Yaoyao thought of herself as a noble.

Once she won first place in the Dance Lin Convention, she would naturally become one of the top dance masters! At that time, wouldnt she would be able to kill Chen Weier who had no power or influence.

“Really” Chen Weier widened her eyes exaggeratedly.

“Im so scared! But youre different.

Youve worked so hard for a year, and a part of your money has to be deducted by the company.

What you get is not even as much as the pocket money my mom gives me.

Tsk, tsk, tsk!” With that, she left with a smile.

Cao Yaoyao was so angry that her newly-operated nose was almost crooked.

She hit the handrail with one hand and drew a bloody line.

Feeling the pain, Cao Yaoyao took out her phone, took a picture, and posted it on social media.

[Recently, I stayed up too late to film a new drama and accidentally hurt my hand.

Im so stupid.] She then attached a picture of an injured hand.

Then, looking at the comments filled with heartache below, Cao Yaoyao finally felt better.

On the first floor, Chen Weier was waiting for He Xun.

Feeling bored, she looked at her phone and saw that Cao Yaoyaos news had hit the hot search.

“The dedicated dance queen”

Chen Weier laughed.

It seemed that it was normal for her to be so stupid in her previous life.

Look, she actually believed Cao Yaoyaos words.

This proved that sometimes, people were brainless.

Chen Weier put down her phone and saw a black Aston Martin appear in front of her.

Finally, it stopped steadily in front of her.

She quickly got into the car and pounced on the man inside.

“Hubby, I missed you so much!”

Cao Yaoyao, who was standing not far away, sneered when she saw this.

She dared to mock her for finding an old man.

Wasnt Chen Weier the same

Her managers expression changed.

“Whats the background of your friend A car worth 500 million yuan, and its a model thats hard to buy even if you have money!”

Hearing this, Cao Yaoyao bit her lips until they bled.

“Why Chen Weiers luck was always so good”

The manager didnt care about this and said to her directly, “You must maintain a good relationship with her.

Maybe she can introduce her sugar daddy to you.

I heard that rich bosses like to have two sisters together.”

“Why would I do that” Cao Yaoyao frowned.

“Dont you f*cking refuse in my face!” The manager was furious.

Who was Cao Yaoyao mocking “Why are you still pretending to be innocent in private You screamed so much in Director Miaos bed, but I didnt see you being unwilling!”

Cao Yaoyao didnt dare to say anything more.

She gritted her teeth and nodded.

“I know.”

The manager glared at her again and said in an unfriendly tone, “Get your spirits up immediately.

Director Miao asked you to serve him tonight.

If you dont serve him well, that woman, Yu Xinwu, will replace you!”

“Isnt Yu Xinwu from the He Media Why is she looking for Director Miao instead of seducing He Xun” Cao Yaoyao didnt want to give up, but her manager beat her up.

“Is He Xun someone that just anyone would dare to covet That was the President of the He Group! If Yu Xinwu could see him, she would be lucky.

Seducing him Besides, He Media has all kinds of beautiful women, why would they be lacking”

Cao Yaoyao nodded and didnt say anything else.

She took out her phone and saw Nie Suijings message.

She was suddenly annoyed.

In fact, she didnt like Nie Suijing that much.

It was because of her regrets in college and her desire to step on Chen Weier that she secretly dated Nie Suijing.

If others knew about this, Director Miao would kill her, not to mention her agent!

Chen Weier, who was completely unaware of this, was still hugging He Xun and chattering incessantly.

“When did you come back Why didnt you tell me in advance I couldve gone to pick you up!”

Half of He Xuns body seemed to be numb from Chen Weiers embrace, and he didnt dare to move.

He then heard the little woman in her arms continue, “Where have you been You didnt even call me.

Who accompanied you out Next time, dont walk so long.”

As Chen Weier spoke, she kept snuggling into He Xuns arms.

She took the opportunity to smell it.

Very good, she sniffed for a long time, but there was no perfume that shouldnt be there.

After confirming this, she slightly let go, but she still didnt let go of He Xun.

“Hubby, why arent you saying anything”

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