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Cao Yaoyao panicked when she saw Chen Weier.

She straightened her back and walked toward Chen Weier.

“What a coincidence! I cant believe Im able to meet you here.”

“What a coincidence,” Chen Weier said indifferently.

“Which company are you from” Cao Yaoyao glanced at her registration form.

Her expression was haughty.

“You seriously signed with He Media”

There were three media companies in City A.

The most powerful one was He Media.

However, The He Media had more than one media company, so they were the most powerful.

After all, they had power behind them and didnt lack resources.

The remaining two were Wushang Media and Xingyu Media.

Cao Yaoyao belonged to Wushang Media.

The two of them had stopped contacting each other for a long time.

Moreover, Chen Weier and He Xuns marriage was only known to the circle of the rich and powerful.

Cao Yaoyao was not powerful enough, so she only thought that Chen Weier merely entered He Media.

Chen Weier didnt want to explain, so she just nodded.

In front of everyone, Cao Yaoyao was filled with hatred, but she still pretended to be an old friend.

She hugged Chen Weier warmly and whispered, “Its ridiculous.

Chen Weier, the high and mighty miss of the Chen family, is nothing more than this now.

I, who you looked down on, have become your senior.

By the way, I heard that you were dumped by Nie Suijing.

Hehe…” After she finished, she loudly said in concern, “Were friends.

If you need anything, you must tell me.” Then, she clapped her hands and left with her manager, assistant, and bodyguards in a grandiose and high-profile manner.

“Teacher Cao Yaoyao is really beautiful and kind,” the people around her praised softly.

“Yeah, yeah, I wonder when Ill be able to be like Cao Yaoyao and have the same status as her!”

Chen Weier sneered.

This person was still as disgusting as before.

Dongting Lake Villa…

After He Xun returned from his business trip, he didnt go to the company but went straight home.

Because of Chen Weiers words about missing him, he couldnt wait to see her.

He walked into the house and casually tugged at his tie.

“Aunt Song, wheres Madam”

“Sir, youre back” Aunt Song was a little surprised and immediately said, “Madam hasnt been home during the day these days!”

He Xun clenched his fists.

“Is she not at home during the day”

“Yes, didnt Madam tell Sir” Aunt Song said.

He Xun turned around and left in a hurry.

His fingers were trembling as he held his phone.

He called Chen Weier, and while waiting, He Xuns heart seemed to be out of breath.

When she picked up the call, it was very noisy on the other end.

He Xun immediately shouted, “Where are you”

Chen Weier was stunned.

Why did she feel that He Xun was angry

He Xuns heart ached, even more, when he didnt hear her answer.

Countless possibilities appeared in his mind.

Did she go on a date with Nie Suijing when he wasnt home Did she leave with Nie Suijing Was she going to divorce him

“Im at the Cultural Center.

Im handing in the registration form today.” Chen Weiers soft voice sounded, making He Xuns heart instantly calm down.

“Stand there and dont move.

Ill go find you.”

Chen Weier heard his voice choking up and couldnt help but comfort him, “Youre back What happened”

“Its okay.

Be good and dont move.

Wait for me.” He Xuns voice trembled.


Hubby, dont worry,” Chen Weier said gently.

“Ill be waiting for you here.

You must be careful.”

“I know.” He Xun hung up the phone and said to the driver, “To the Cultural Center, quick.”

At this time, Chen Weiers face was full of suspicion.

What was going on Could it be that He Xun had quarreled with the girl he loved Or did something happen to the group But that was impossible.

The He Group had been doing very well in recent years, so it was precisely the quarrel This was simply a chance given to her by the heavens.

She wanted to give He Xun warmth and inspire him to defeat the person in his heart.

After submitting the registration form, Chen Weier left.

She didnt expect to meet Cao Yaoyao again! Chen Weier turned around and left as if she didnt see it.

However, Cao Yaoyao didnt want to let her go.

“Chen Weier!”

“Whats the matter” Chen Weier asked impatiently.

“Oh no, Chen Weier, why are you so hostile to me Is it because Nie Suijing didnt want you and chose me” Cao Yaoyao smiled proudly.

She knew how much Chen Weier liked Nie Suijing back then.

Using Nie Suijing to stimulate Chen Weier was simply too comfortable.

However, Chen Weier could only helplessly say, “He truly went to find you Then, I wish you two a happy marriage for a hundred years.

But, arent you afraid that old man will find out”

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