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“It might be my mother-in-law, Chen Anhe.” He Xun thought about how ridiculous it was to receive the first news about Chen Weier from his mother-in-law after his long business trip.

His wife had left him alone outside, not asking about his schedule or whether he had returned home.


Yang Zui looked at the man in front of him with a little heartache.

He was a man of swift and decisive action at work, but he was very cautious in his feelings.

“President He, the front desk said that it was a young lady.

She was looking for you first, but she couldnt come in without an appointment, so the other party asked for me instead.

I guess it must be Madam.”

He Xuns body stiffened, and he slowly turned to him.


“Of course, I wanted to tell you at that time, but you said that we were not allowed to say anything other than work, so it has been delayed.” When Yang Zui received the news, he wanted to say it, but before he could finish, President Hes face darkened, and he did not dare to say it.

The sadness appeared on He Xuns face.

He had once had too much hope, but it had all been shattered by Chen Weier.

He didnt dare to trust her anymore, but he yearned for her dependence and warmth.

“President He, sincerely, when I saw Madam this time, I think she has changed a lot.” Yang Zui looked at He Xuns expression.

Seeing that he wasnt angry, he dared to continue, “In the past, I didnt think Madam cared about what she wore.

But this time, she emptied her closet, donated it all, and cut her most precious hair.

Doesnt this mean that Madam is changing”

He Xun was moved by Yang Zuis words.

He had also suspected Chen Weiers motive for doing what she did, but no matter how he looked at it, he felt that Chen Weier was just trying to make him feel numb.

When he let down his guard, she would go to Nie Suijing.

“President He, please give Madam a call!” Yang Zui looked at He Xun and said.

When Chen Weier received He Xuns call, she was watching the videos of the dance competition for the past two years.

When she saw the caller IDHusband, she was so excited that she almost broke the tablet.

She nervously pressed the answer button.

“He Xun”

The mans voice was so cold.

“Mother called me just now to say that she wanted a registration form for the Dance Lin Festival.”

Chen Weier didnt deny it.

“Yes, I wanted to participate.

I asked my mom for the registration form.

I didnt expect her to call you.”

“Itll be delivered to the house tomorrow.” He Xun said.

“Alright,” she said.

Chen Weier nodded her head mechanically.

If he would send it home, did that mean that he didnt know that she was already working at the He Group

The next second, He Xun answered her question.

“What have you been doing these days”

“Nothing …” Chen Weier decided to wait for him to come back and give him a surprise.

“Um… I heard that you came to see me a few days ago” He Xun said.

“I didnt want to disturb you.

I just wanted to see you.

But dont worry, I wont do it again.” Chen Weier explained.

She thought that he was angry.

“You want to see me” He Xun was stunned.

“Well… You havent been back for a few days.

I missed you, so I wanted to go and see you,” Chen Weier said in a low voice.

He Xuns hand that was holding the phone froze, and he couldnt say anything for a long time.

She said she missed him so much Was he hearing things

Chen Weier waited for He Xuns reply for a long time and thought that her phone had run out of battery.

But when she put down her phone, she saw that it was still charged.

“Can you hear me”

“Yes.” He Xun cleared his throat.

Did you hear it but did not want to answer Chen Weier was listless again.

Who said that when a woman chases a man, its easy to get him How did she do it

Then, He Xun fell silent again.

The two of them remained silent for a long time until Chen Weier couldnt wait any longer and felt embarrassed.

“When are you coming back”

“You want me to go back” He Xun asked.

Chen Weier was stunned.

Why did He Xun feel that she didnt want him to come back

“This is our home.

Of course, I want you to come back.

Besides, Im afraid to live here alone.” She couldnt wait for him to come back immediately.

After all, only when he was back could she catch him and continue to seduce him! She would capture He Xun sooner or later.

On the other end of the phone, He Xuns lips curled up.

He was in a very good mood.

“Ill be back soon.”

“Okay, honey, Ill be waiting for you.”

He Xuns expression became even more cheerful after hearing this.

The ice on his face had melted over the past few days.

When Yang Zui saw him again, he could only sigh at how fickle this man was.

As long as his wife said a few words, he would immediately be like the spring breeze after the rain.

Yang Zui couldnt help but think that if Chen Weier had said a few more words, He Xun might have even given his life to her.

The next day, when Chen Weier got off work, Wang Xiao suddenly chased after her.

“Teacher Chen, wait a moment.”

“Manager Wang, is there anything I can help you with” Chen Weier was stunned, but she smiled.

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