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“Do you guys think Ill be able to meet President He today”

“How is that possible I heard that President He went on a business trip with Assistant Yang.”

“What a pity.

The last time I saw him at the staff cafeteria, I was so excited that I couldnt sleep for a long time.

Hes so handsome! He has a noble temperament and comes from a rich family.”

When Chen Weier heard this, she stopped in her tracks.

He went on a business trip Was he deliberately avoiding her At this moment, someone suddenly patted her.

It was Wang Xiao.

Chen Weier was startled and took a few steps back.

Seeing this, Wang Xiao approached her without saying anything.

“Im sorry to have scared you.

Teacher Chen, are you going to eat”

Chen Weier took a few steps back.

“Manager Wang, please stay away from me.

Im sweating all over.”

“Oh, is that true You girls smell nice even when you sweat.

Im fine.” Because Chen Weier moved, Wang Xiao smelled a faint fragrance.

“Manager Wang, youre so humorous.” Chen Weier politely smiled and changed the topic.

“Manager Wang, are you going to the cafeteria too”

Wang Xiao nodded.

“Teacher Chen, you dont have to be so formal.

You can just call me Wang Xiao.

Are you going to the staff cafeteria too”

“Yes, I heard that the staff meal at the He Group is very delicious.

I want to try it.” Chen Weier wanted to know what He Xuns food tasted like all these years.

Wang Xiao chuckled.

“You might not know this.

The He Groups cafeterias require the use of employee cards.”

“What” Chen Weier didnt know about this.

Wang Xiao looked at her vexed face and laughed.

“I wonder if Teacher Chen can give me a chance to treat you to a meal Even though its the staff cafeteria.”

“No need,” Chen Weier quickly waved her hand.

Wang Xiao said seriously, “What Does it matter” Were business partners.

If you truly feel embarrassed, you can treat me to a meal next time.”

Since he had already said so, Chen Weier couldnt say anything more.

The two of them went to the staff cafeteria.

However, on the way, Chen Weier felt many eyes on them.

She didnt understand, but she would know why after eating.

Chen Weier went to the bathroom after dinner and heard a few people talking in the cubicle, “Who is the person beside Wang Xiao”


“I think shes the new dance teacher.

I saw the dance uniform she was wearing.”

“Shes so young, but shes already a dance teacher Is she qualified to enter the He Group She must have used some method to trade her body for this opportunity.

No wonder she got Wang Xiao on the first day.”

“Not necessarily.

She and Wang Xiao have some work interactions, so theyll inevitably be in contact.

Dont worry, Wang Xiao will be yours sooner or later!”

“I hope so too.

Lets go.”

The voice gradually faded away, and Chen Weiers expression became more and more unpleasant.

However, when she returned to the dance studio, she continued to stretch as if nothing had happened.

She didnt care about the rumors of some small characters.

After she subdued He Xun, she would fire these people who didnt work well.

At this moment, a girl suddenly said, “Teacher Chen, youve finished eating so quickly”

Chen Weier turned her head.

It was the girls who had learned to dance today.

Hearing the others call the girl Guo Dan, Chen Weier smiled and said, “Well, I dont have much of an appetite.

Have you eaten”

“Yes.” Guo Dans face reddened as if she had mustered up her courage.

“Teacher Chen, whats your relationship with Manager Wang”

Chen Weier felt helpless.

Guo Dan was truly young and dared to ask anything.

“Were colleagues.

Hes in charge of the training this time, and Im in charge of teaching you how to dance.

Whats wrong”

“I heard some bad things,” Guo Dan said as she felt embarrassed.

“Teacher Chen, please dont take them seriously.

Theyre all saying that you have an improper relationship with Manager Wang.”

“Really” Chen Weier exaggeratedly replied.

“But this is the first time Im meeting him.”

“Really I knew it!” Guo Dan was pleasantly surprised.

“Wang Xiao is surely not that kind of person!”

Chen Weier was speechless.

So, was she that kind of person However, she couldnt be bothered to argue with a 19-year-old girl.

“But Im really curious.

Its my first day here.

Why would there be such a rumor”

Guo Dan said awkwardly, “Because Manager Wang never eats with others.

Teacher Chen is the first one.

Plus, many young actors who just joined the company like Manager Wang.

Hes in charge of our resources, so naturally, theyre a little jealous of you.”

“I see,” Chen Weier laughed.

“But I think that if you like someone, you should spend more time with him and not waste time on others.”

Guo Dans face turned red, and she looked embarrassed.

How did Chen Weier know that she liked Wang Xiao Guo Dan wanted to say something but was interrupted.

“Im not interested in who you love or hate.

Im here to teach you how to dance,” Chen Weier said.

Of course, she also wanted to impress the He Groups President! Her goal was very grand!

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