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“Shes asleep.” He Xun sat on the sofa.

His tone was calm.

“Then, should I wake Madam up” Aunt Song asked awkwardly.

Today, Madam specially ordered a few ingredients to be sent over.

From what I heard, Madam probably wants to make it herself.”

He Xuns body stiffened.

His face was expressionless, but he was extremely excited.

“Let her sleep first.”

She was going to cook personally Was she planning to make it for him In the end, she found out that he wasnt coming back, so she called him in pain

On the second floor…

Chen Weier opened her eyes in a daze.

She realized that she had surely cried herself to sleep.

Thinking of the things that she had done, she wanted to slap herself.

Why did she always do stupid things Could it be that there was too much water in her brain Did she want to line up through her tears

Chen Weier wobbled into the bathroom and looked at her eyes that had already turned into walnuts from crying.

In the end, she chose to wear her sunglasses and go downstairs.

She had not eaten for a day and was a little hungry.

Then, she saw the man on the sofa on the first floor.

Before she could wonder why he had come back, she rolled into his arms the next second!

Chen Weier covered her face.

It was too embarrassing.

She was in a daze, hungry, and her steps were unsteady.

When she saw He Xun, she panicked and tripped over her right foot with her left foot, directly rolling down the stairs.

Fortunately, He Xun reacted quickly and strode forward.

He half-squatted and caught her steadily, but her sunglasses also fell off.

As a result, He Xuns bright eyes met with Chen Weiers red and swollen eyes.

He Xuns heart throbbed.

She was crying like this because he had not returned

The corner of Chen Weiers mouth sank.

She was finished! She was completely embarrassed.

When He Xun saw Chen Weiers expression, he couldnt help but chuckle.

However, Chen Weier couldnt hold it in any longer.

She flapped her limbs and ran into the kitchen.

“Madam” Aunt Song was cooking and didnt pay attention to what was happening outside.

When she saw Chen Weier rush in, she thought that something had happened.

However, when she turned around and saw Chen Weiers eyes, she was even more shocked.

“Madam, whats wrong with your eyes”

“Im fine! Is there anything that can help me reduce the swelling quickly”


Chen Weier still had lingering fears.

Although He Xun had already seen her in a sorry state, she still had to be saved.

She still had to fight with the woman outside!


“There is.

Dont move, Madam.

Ill put a hot egg on it and ice on it.

The swelling will go down soon.” Whats wrong with you” Aunt Song asked as she fiddled with it.

“I have watched a tragic movie!” Chen Weier awkwardly found an excuse.

Then, she thought of something.

“Oh right, have you bought the ingredients I mentioned today” When she heard that He Xun wasnt coming back, she became listless and completely forgot about the ingredients.

But now that He Xun was back, she wanted to give him a good meal.

If the meal was well, he would be the first to eat it!

Aunt Song immediately smiled.

“Since Madam said so, of course, Ill get someone to send the ingredients.

I even told Sir that youre going to cook personally.

Although Sir didnt say anything, I can feel that hes very happy!”

Chen Weier muttered in her heart.

If this was made by the woman in his diary, he would probably be happy.

Of course, Chen Weier couldnt say it out loud.

She started cooking.

When Chen Weier followed Aunt Song to bring the dishes out, her eyes were much more natural.

She kept telling herself that it was alright.

What happened just now was just a dream.

He didnt remember it.

She could still fight for his heart.

He Xun didnt know what Chen Weier was thinking, but when he looked at the black leeks and oysters she had roasted, the corners of his mouth couldnt help but twitch.

He took a bite, and it was bitter and salty.

He desperately swallowed a mouthful of rice to smooth the food down, and said expressionlessly, “You did this”

Chen Weier enthusiastically recommended it.

“I didnt know you were coming back, so I made two simple dishes.

Grilled chives and grilled oysters.

I was a little anxious, so I made it especially for you.

You should eat more.”

He Xuns heart was filled with sweetness, and he immediately suppressed the bitter and salty taste.

His eyes were smiling.

“You… Youve read my diary, right”

Chen Weier was about to pick up some food, but her chopsticks froze.

“Dont be nervous, I dont blame you.

” He Xun said.

“Then, what do you mean by that” Chen Weier lowered her head.

‘Do you want a divorce Or do you want me to cooperate She thought that he had noticed that the book had been moved, not that there was a camera.

“I thought you wouldnt cook for me if you didnt read my diary,” He Xun replied.

Chen Weiers heart ached.

Sure enough, He Xun knew what this dish was made of, so he had eaten it before.

Was it useless She held back her tears.

“Then, will you drive me away”

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