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189 The Fog Dispersed

Chen Weier held He Xuns hand and took the piece of paper from him.

She gave him a hug and said, “Dont be angry, my dearest.”

He Xun painfully closed his eyes and recalled his cold treatment of Chen Weier some time ago.

Everyone could see how sad Chen Weier must have been.

She was innocent.

The person who had hurt him from the beginning was his father.

“Wifey, Im sorry,” He Xun said in a low voice.

“Dont feel guilty.

You didnt do anything wrong.

If I were you, I would also doubt myself.” Chen Weier shook her head desperately.

He Xuns voice was hoarse.

Thinking of what he had done and listening to Chen Weiers comfort, he felt even more guilty.

“You really dont have to be sorry.

All of this happened because of me.

If I hadnt been entangled with Nie Suijing, none of this would have happened.” Chen Weier patted He Xuns back.

She really didnt think that He Xun had done anything wrong.

If she put herself in his shoes and if He Xun had been entangled with the woman in his diary, she wouldnt have been able to trust him without any doubts.

Thinking of this, Chen Weier suddenly realized that even after being with He Xun for so long, she still didnt know who the woman in the diary was.

However, this wasnt the time to think about this.

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The most important thing was to find out what Luo Xinrui had done.

“Lets find out how much Luo Xinrui knows and what she has been doing with this information.

We need to find out if she has anything to do with what happened to Nie Suijing,” Chen Weier whispered in He Xuns ear.

He Xun nodded, but after thinking for a while, he said, “Luo Xinrui must be involved in this.”

“Why are you so sure” Chen Weier was surprised.

Her husband wouldnt accuse anyone arbitrarily.

“Dont you remember what I told you Nie Suijing seemed to have disappeared from the world.

We cant find him.” He Xun held Chen Weiers hand and continued in a low voice, “Although my father told Luo Xinrui a lot of trade secrets about the technical department, he was kicked out many years ago, and the technical Department has been updated many times.

Nevertheless, I have overlooked one point.

Other than being the young lady of the Luo family, Luo Xinrui also has another identity.”

Chen Weiers eyes widened, “What identity Dont scare me…”

She thought to herself,Could she be the woman in He Xuns diary

“Luo Xinruis grandparents had a military background.

Three generations of her family were famous members of the military.” He Xun looked into Chen Weiers eyes.

When Chen Weier heard this, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, she wasnt the woman in the diary.

He Xun had found out about this by accident, but he hadnt paid much attention to it at the time.

After all, she wasnt an important person.

However, what happened today made him suddenly remember.

Nie Suijing must have been hidden within the military compound by Luo Xinrui!

His people definitely couldnt enter this place, and the military vehicles could avoid the traffic departments surveillance.

All the fog was cleared at this moment!

This Luo Xinrui was more difficult to deal with than He Xun had imagined.

Chen Weier was shocked.

She didnt know about this in her previous life.

In everyones eyes, Luo Xinrui was Madam Luos daughter, and Madam Luo was just an ordinary rich businessmans daughter.

Who would have thought that there was such a connection

He Xun saw through his wifes misunderstanding and directly said, “Luo Xinruis biological mother isnt Madam Luo.

Her grandparents didnt like the Luo family.

Besides, the Luo familys background isnt that commendable.

Her grandparents arent stupid people, but they cant handle a daughter whos crazy about love.

She gave birth to Luo Xinrui before marriage and died on the operating table.

Her father then took her back to the Luo familys residence.”

“It seems like Luo Xinruis father loves her mother a lot.

How was he able to raise her like this” Chen Weier was surprised.

She could see that the Luo family was very close to the He family.

Even if the young lady of the Luo family used her body to seduce He Xun, the Luo family didnt stop her.

He Xun sneered, “Why do you think the Luo family cares They only care about benefits.”

“But Luo Xinruis mother gave birth to—” Chen Weier blinked.

“My mother too.” He Xun interrupted Chen Weiers words, “My mother also passed away while giving birth to me.

However, my father wasnt sad at all.

He was carefree.

He had an affair with Luo Qionglan while my mother was pregnant.

If my eldest brother had not stopped him, he would have brought her into the family the day after my mothers burial.

Even though it was delayed for a few years, he still used Luo Qionglans pregnancy as an excuse to marry her.”

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