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Chen Weier turned on her computer and started to plan for the charity project.

Last time, she had gotten the opportunity to participate in the construction of the next project at Heaven Blessed Charity.

This was her first time doing charity work.

She didnt want to be ignorant by then, so she had to do her homework in advance.

On the other side, He Xun, who was waiting for his wifes reply, was getting moldy.

However, his wife still didnt reply.

He couldnt tell if she was actually angry.

He Xun furrowed his brows.

He didnt think she was, so he sent another message tentatively.

[Weier, why didnt you reply to me Are you angry ]

However, just as he sent the message, He Xun saw the bright red exclamation mark in front of his dialog box before he could relax.

Very good, his dearest wife had blacklisted him!

He Xun snorted coldly upon thinking that he must teach her a good lesson when he got back tonight!

One or two times would definitely not be enough to dispel his anger.

He Xun massaged his eyebrows.

The fatigue he felt earlier had also lessened after a few days of talking to Chen Weier.

He Xun took a deep breath, put his phone aside, and continued to work.

However, the couple did not know that the internet was in an uproar again.

This time, it was not because of the studio.

[My girl, youre still so brave, just like when you rejected the marriage arranged by your family and decided to elope with me.

I support you too! ]

The netizens had always liked to watch the drama of the rich and powerful, so they began to pay attention to it one by one.

What was this situation

Didnt Chen Weier clarify her relationship already

Why did this man bring up the elopement again

Could it be that Chen Weier was really forced to marry He Xun

Was the clarification before fake

The netizens did not have much else, but their imagination was getting wilder by the minute.

They had already made up several versions of the story.

[Nie Suijing has already been sent to the police station, but he still came out to say this.

He must be in love.

He also knew how powerful the He family was, but he still expressed his love for Chen Weier without hesitation.

This is touching!]

[Even if two people love each other, they can only be forced to separate.

I really want to hug Nie Suijing for Chen Weier.]

[Chen Weier should be a very good girl.

President He loves her a lot, and Nie Suijing also loves her a lot… ]

[Nie Suijing has to protect himself.

Its easy for the He family to deal with a person who has nothing!]

[Thats right! Although we can understand that he loves Chen Weier and is even willing to give up his life, he still has to protect himself.

After all, the two of them were once in love.

She definitely wouldnt want him to meet with any mishaps.]

[I think Chen Weier must be afraid that He Xun would do something to Nie Suijing, so she decisively clarified their relationship.

Shes protecting her lover!]

[I have only seen elopement scenes in movies.

I didnt expect such a thrilling love story to exist in real life.

Im so envious.]

Everyone was still immersed in the dream they had weaved, hoping that Chen Weier and Nie Suijing could escape from the cage and fly together.

However, Chen Weier, who was focused on planning the charity in the mountain area, knew nothing about it.

Because her phone had gone silent, she was quite focused on studying and dancing.

She didnt want to be disturbed.

On Yang Zuis side, he also saw Nie Suijings post right at the first moment.

In an instant, he felt a layer of cold sweat on his back.

The scene of him being criticized by President He last time was still vivid in his mind.

This time, he had learned his lesson and immediately let the technical department handle it.

Five minutes later, all the information about Nie Suijing disappeared.

However, this made the netizens even more excited because they had once again witnessed the power of capitalism!

Yang Zui braced himself and knocked on He Xuns office door.

He trembled with fear as he checked He Xuns expression before he said, “President he, I have something to report.”

“Speak.” He Xuns words were concise and comprehensive.

He didnt even raise his head and concentrated on the work at hand.

“President He, Nie Suijing posted something on the internet again! However, our technical department has already cleaned it up.” After Yang Zui finished his report, he lowered his head and did not dare to look up at He Xun.

Yang Zui knew very well that He Xuns face would turn pale whenever he heardNie Suijing.

If he read the content of Nie Suijings post again, Yang Zui would be so shocked that he didnt dare to continue thinking about it.

“What did he post” As expected, after He Xun heard this, he immediately threw the brush in his hand to the ground.

His face was ashen.

“You can see for yourself.” Yang Zui took a screenshot of the interface and showed it to He Xun.

He didnt dare to describe it verbally, for fear that he wouldnt be able to see the sun tomorrow!

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