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Without waiting for Chen Weier to speak, He Xun slowly loosened his tie and lowered his head to remove his cuffs.

In the next second, Chen Weier felt the world spin in front of her as He Xun carried her and pinned her down on the bed.

With that, Chen Weier personally experienced what He Xun had said.

It was so embarrassing.

She was like a piece of soft candy being nibbled and stuffed into He Xuns mouth.

Chen Weier tightly bit her lower lip to prevent herself from releasing any embarrassing sounds.

But how could He Xun let her go

“Let it all out! Wifey, I want to hear you.”

“Ah…dont!” It was a simple sentence, but Chen Weier stuttered as if she was holding back her breath.

She was really going crazy because of He Xun!

Where did this man learn all this How did he know how to do this It was incredible.

By the time Chen Weier had completely repaid He Xunskindness, more than an hour had passed.

She lay paralyzed on the bed and had no strength to speak, but her chest was still moving up and down, revealing the intensity just now.

“From now on, lets go to the gym on the third floor every day, okay” He Xun picked up his wife who could barely stand and helped her into the bathtub.

“I dont want to!” Chen Weier patted He Xuns bare back, but her hands were too gentle.

She didnt hurt or even scratch He Xun.

“But you need to improve your stamina.

It has only been a short while, but you cant get up.

You really need to train!” He Xun covered his wifes wildly waving claws and kissed them.

Then, he poured warm water on her body and caressed her smooth back.

“What about you then Arent you the one who lacks control Restrain yourself!” Chen Weier fiercely glared at him.

She recalled the financial magazines description of him.

All those things about him not being close to women and being an abstinent man were all fake!

Those who didnt know any better would think that this man was possessed by a poodle who could go into heat anytime and anywhere.

“I cant.

I definitely cant control myself.

My wife is so beautiful, so how do you expect me to control myself” He Xun whispered into her ear.

“Im not a fool, my dearest wife.”

“You shut up!” Chen Weier simply wanted to stuff his mouth with a rag! He actually wanted to flirt with her!

Why didnt she realize that He Xun had such a side before

Looking at his adorable wifes embarrassed and indignant appearance, He Xun was in a good mood.

“Ill shut up.

I wont speak anymore.” He Xun was very tactful and shut his mouth at the right time.

Chen Weier was also enjoying her husbands massage, but she suddenly remembered an important matter.

“After the studio is set up, I want to create a forum that will help women speak.” This thought had always been in Chen Weiers heart.

Perhaps it was because she had been drenched in the rain, so she also wanted to help others with an umbrella.

Ever since she was reborn, she had such a thought.

As she had been at the bottom of society in her previous life, she had seen how dark the world could be.

Back then, she had called the police department when she was abused by Nie Suijing, but the police could only warn Nie Suijing verbally.

She was also beaten up by Nie Suijing on the street when she tried to persuade him to find a job.

There were also people who wanted to help, but when they heard that they were married, they quickly left.

Everyone habitually regarded this as a family matter.

It was difficult for an honest official to resolve family matters, let alone ordinary people.

Now, Chen Weier had already become trending, and her words would be seen by more people.

Therefore, she wanted to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to pay attention to women who suffered domestic abuse in marriage.

Of course, there were many people who had experienced all kinds of sexual harassment.

He Xun had always understood Chen Weiers thoughts.

Naturally, he would stand behind his wife and support her.

However, the world was black and white.

This kind of thing wasnt as simple as his wife had imagined.

He Xun thought for a while and decided to tell Chen Weier about the risks.

“Wifey, if you do this, youll definitely help a lot of women, but at the same time, it will hinder the interests of some people.

You should be fully aware that once you begin this, more and more people will be involved.

By then, you will become a target of criticism.

Are you sure you can accept all these” He Xun wrapped Chen Weier up and carried her back to the bedroom, placing her in his arms.

“I understand,” Chen Weier lowered her eyes and pursed her lips.

When she attempted to ask for help against Miao Bing before, she realized the grim reality.

Not everyone could understand her, and not everyone could face the pain of being hurt.

Many people would even insult her.

However, this was how the world worked.

Some people preferred letting malice prevail against compassion.

With just a keyboard, they felt that they were invincible and could rise above the internet!

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