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Because she didnt allow any physical contact, He Xun felt like he was going crazy!

But today, not only did his dear wife take the initiative to be friendly with him, but she was also so attentive.

He Xun felt a chill down his back!

“Drink slowly.

No ones snatching it from you!” Chen Weier very considerately patted his back.

He Xun put down his teacup and looked at her carefully.

She was indeed his wife.

She had not changed.

“Why are you looking at me like that” Chen Weier tilted her head and acted coquettishly.

Her voice was soft and tender.

Her snow-white arms were still wrapped around He Xuns shoulders.

The distance between the two of them was almost non-existent.

He Xun felt a little restless.

His lips were a little dry after he couldnt hug his wife for three days.

“What do you want, hmm” He Xuns eyes were filled with emotions.

At this time, even if Chen Weier wanted the moon in the sky, he had to find a way to bring some soil back from the moon.

Chen Weier slyly laughed.

She didnt expect He Xun to see through her thoughts so quickly.

She rubbed her head against He Xuns shoulder in embarrassment.

“Hubby, I need a professional team to deal with my private messages on social media.

Its best if you have a few lawyers.”

“No problem!” He Xun agreed immediately.

“Hubby, youre the best!” Chen Weier planter a kiss on He Xuns face.

“Then how are you going to repay me” He Xuns low and hoarse voice made Chen Weiers body freeze.

‘Aiyo, its only been a few days, and this bastard is thinking about it again

Her small body really couldnt take it! Therefore, Chen Weier carefully probed, “Ill cook you a bowl of noodles.

How is it”

“A studio for a bowl of noodles” He Xuns voice had a hint of playfulness as he picked up Chen Weiers hair with his fingers and twisted it around.

Chen Weier felt a little guilty.

She tried to please him, “Hubby, you misunderstood.

These are not ordinary noodles.

This is what your dear wife made for you!”

He Xun lazily lifted his eyelids and continued to watch her struggle.

“Think about it, who in the world can eat the noodles made by your wife Other than you, theres no one else! You are so special.

Only you.” Chen Weiers tone was very provocative, so He Xun must feel that he had significantly profited.

However, He Xun remained unmoved.

He asked in a calm tone, “So”

Chen Weier could only continue to work for it.

She put her hands on He Xuns shoulders and said with a serious expression, “Have you ever heard of a saying”

“What” He Xun pinched her small face and asked.

“The rarer something is, the more precious it is.”

As Chen Weier spoke, she patted He Xuns shoulder heavily with a preaching expression.

“Thats why the noodles I make are unique and very precious! You should be extremely happy and honored that I made it for you! So, a bowl of extremely precious noodles in exchange for an ordinary studio, believe me, you really made a profit! Just be happy.”

After Chen Weier finished speaking, she couldnt help but praise herself in her heart! Her logic was so well-connected that she almost believed it herself!

He Xun was immediately amused.

He gritted his teeth and said, “An ordinary studio”

Did she really think that it was easy to start a studio The permits alone would require him to go through various departments.

Not to mention, he had to recruit staff, and he had to check their background carefully, so as to avoid anyone taking advantage of the situation and harming Chen Weier.

In the end, this was just an ordinary studio in the mouth of his dear wife…

He Xun felt that if he didnt teach her a lesson, she would rise to the heavens and stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun.

“Did I say something wrong” Chen Weier counted on her fingers and tried to reason with him, “Look at the number of companies and studios outside.

You cant even count them all in a day, right So, if you help me get a studio, itll be no different from the other Studios outside.

But the noodles I made for you are different.

Its the only one in the world.

Tell me, dont you think you have earned a lot”

He Xun was speechless.

His wife was truly sharp-tongued.

He couldnt handle it at all.

Before He Xun could continue, Chen Weier muttered, “Dont think that I dont know.

Hubby, you will just pass all the burden to Yang Zui.”

“Alright, Ill eat your noodles!” He Xun surrendered there and then.

Chen Weiers originally pouting lips immediately curved up.

She hugged He Xuns neck and cheered, “What kind of noodles do you want to eat”

“Every inch of you.” He Xuns lips curled up.

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