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Nie Suijing laughed, “Im probably the trending artist being talked about right now.

You need to pay if you want to talk to me.”

“You are indeed trending on social media.

Just before you left the police station, several media staff are waiting to get a chance to interview you.

Unfortunately, I already chased them away.” Luo Xinrui still maintained her smile.

She knew that Nie Suijing would be targeted by the media today.

After all, his past relationship with Chen Weier was being publicly discussed.

Luo Xinrui wouldnt let this opportunity slip away.

Nie Suijing cursed as his eyes turned fierce, “You made me miss a chance to become popular! Having the media surround me is an opportunity.

That opportunity is money! Just look at the other artists with a bad reputation.

Even if its negative attention, it is still publicity that can boost my popularity.”

“Are you delusional You already offended the He Group.

There could only be one ending for you.

You are forever blacklisted in the entertainment industry,” Luo Xinrui explained slowly.

Nie Suijings smile suddenly froze.

He now understood why his manager stopped contacting him for the past 2 days.

‘This bunch of bastards! All of them bully the weak and fear the strong.

How useless!”

“What do you want then” Nie Suijings tone was cold, but it had a hint of compromise.

“Lets not talk here.” Luo Xinrui beckoned at Nie Suijing.

As Nie Suijing sat inside a revolving restaurant on the 18th floor of a building, the greed in his eyes deepened.

It even surpassed the floor he was currently at.

The cost of any dish exceeded the amount of 100,000 yuan.

Even the uniform of the servers was more expensive than Nie Suijings clothes!

Moreover, when he followed Luo Xinrui in, he clearly saw the contempt in the eyes of a few servers.

They were…looking down on him.

Nie Suijing had been used to such contemptuous looks since he was a child.

Why was it that other people were born with money, but he wasnt Werent they both humans anyway He was really unwilling to accept it!

Nie Suijing clenched his fists.

His fingers stopped on the menu, but he didnt turn it for a long time.

Luo Xinrui liked his expression.

She wouldnt instigate a war without sufficient preparations this time.

She had already found someone to investigate Nie Suijings past.

Nie Suijings mother was a prostitute.

When she found out she was pregnant, she couldnt get an abortion.

She didnt know who the father was, so she chose to give birth.

However, after giving birth, her figure went out of shape, and her business declined day by day.

The old customers all jumped into the arms of the young girl, so Nie Fang took it all out on Nie Suijing.


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