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“Dont worry, your husband is in good health.

Besides, I have such a beautiful wife.

I dont dare to die of exhaustion,” He Xun said confidently.

There wasnt even any ounce of shame.

He seemed to be eager to do it all over again.

“Bah! You really have the nerve to say that, shameless!” Chen Weier knew that in this aspect, she couldnt have any expectations for He Xun!

This promiscuous man was in heat.

If he didnt squeeze her dry, he wouldnt let her go easily.

“Then, can you help me again Its still early, lets work out a little more” Seeing that Chen Weier had the strength to scold him, he knew that she had recovered.

He Xun suddenly couldnt hold back.

It was as if he had been hungry for a few days and had just drunk two mouthfuls of meat soup.

How could an adult man who had not eaten meat often eat that much

“Not good! You can solve it yourself.

And let me tell you, you cant do this too often.

Its not good for your body.

Dont practice this habit until you are old.

Otherwise, your body will be drained.

Im just thinking of you.” Chen Weier simply turned her head away and didnt look at him.

In any case, she wasnt the one who was suffering, so she wouldnt help!

However, she was also worried that her husband wouldnt let her go, so she could only persuade him with sentiment and reason with the hope that he would be mindful of his body.

However, Chen Weier didnt know that her words had stirred up a hornets nest instead.

He Xuns gaze was highly dangerous.

“Since my wife is worried about me when I get old, it seems that I didnt do my job well,” He Xun said.

Chen Weier was utterly speechless.

She felt like she should have just held back her mouth.

It only got her into trouble.

“Wife…what do you think” He Xun pressed against her tightly.

She didnt know when her husband learned to act coquettishly.

Right now, Chen Weier wanted to hit someone and break the wall.

She really couldnt stand it!

She immediately covered her ears.

He only knew how to make her soft-hearted!

Chen Weier decided to remain mute this time.

“Wife, my gentle and beautiful wife, youre the best, my dearest!”

He Xun lowered his head and held Chen Weiers chin.

He kissed her carefully and deeply, not letting go of any inch of her skin.

Her body was drowned in his scent.

“I can admit that Im beautiful, but Im not gentle.

You can find someone else.” Chen Weier dodged.

She couldnt help but think that He Xun should go and find the woman in the diary.

It was because she really couldnt hold on any longer.

She wasnt being pretentious, but why was his stamina so good

Why was there such a huge difference between people

“Weier!” Hearing that Chen Weier actually wanted to drive him out, He Xun was a little angry.

Why did his little wild cat dare to say anything impulsively

He Xun pinned Chen Weiers arm.

Without a word, he got down to business.

He had to discipline her today!

On the other hand, Nie Suijing was finally released.

Because he had only harassed Chen Weier, he had not caused any substantial physical harm to her.

Even if He Xun found a lawyer, he could only be locked up for a few days.

For Nie Suijing, it didnt matter at all.

He and Chen Weier used to be a couple.

That day, Nie Suijings body was tested for alcohol concentration.

It was common for men to be muddled after drinking.

The police could only discipline him and forbid him from harassing others after drinking.

Nie Suijing was very good at admitting his mistake and didnt make a fuss.

After walking out of the police station, Nie Suijing thought his agent would come to pick him up, but he didnt expect to see a woman.

The other party walked up with a smile.

Her face was full of confidence and pride.

“You must be Nie Suijing, right”

Luo Xinrui had long known about Nie Suijing.

After all, before Chen Weier and He Xun got engaged, she had already sent a detective to investigate Chen Weier.

At that time, the photos that the detective had sent were all of the two of them.

Back then, Luo Xinrui even showed He Xun the evidence, but she was only severely reprimanded by He Xun.

He warned, “If I find out that youve sent people to keep an eye on her, I wont be polite to you!”

That was the first time He Xun had lost his temper at Luo Xinrui, and Luo Xinrui had been really frightened.

After all, He Xun, who used to be a kind and gentlemanly man, had looked at her with an extremely ugly expression that day, and his tone seemed as though he wanted to kill her.

“Thats right,” Nie Suijing didnt panic at all.

He had seen this woman before, but only because of her relationship with He Xun.

He didnt know why this person came to find him today, but maybe they were the same kind of people.

He wasnt repulsed by her.

“Are you interested in having a chat with me” Luo Xinruis smile was very professional, and she put on a business-like expression.

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