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“What do you think What do I want to do, my dear wife” He Xun smiled playfully.

His eyes were as deep as an ocean.

The corners of his mouth curled up as he walked to Chen Weiers side and pressed her down on the sofa.

He was covering her entire body.

Chen Weiers thin lips struggled to speak, “You!”

As for the rest of the words, they were directly swallowed by He Xun.

He even snatched her lips wantonly to show his love.

While she was feeling bliss, He Xun leaned close to her ear.

“We havent tried it on the sofa yet.

Well unlock a new location today, alright From now on, well venture into every undiscovered territory daily.”

“Hubby…youre so embarrassing!” Chen Weier didnt directly answer him.

She simply chose to hit him twice.

But then again, she wasnt that strong.

When the strike landed on He Xun, it merely felt like having his itch scratched.

Especially at this time, it was more like teasing.

He Xun chuckled.

His chest slightly vibrated and stuck close to her back.

It made Chen her back feel numb.

“Ah…hurry up…” Chen Weier felt extremely uncomfortable because of He Xun.

Her whole body felt empty as if it was longing to be filled.

She couldnt help but start urging him.

However, the man behind her was smiling dangerously.

His large hands were tightly wrapped around her waist.

It appeared to be a declaration of what she would be up against.

“Yes, my wife.

Ill be quick.” He Xun was a man of his word, and his movements were indeed incredibly swift.

His afterimages were practically indistinguishable.

Chen Weier felt as though she was hanging up in the air.

She had to bear the consequences of her own actions.

She could no longer complete sentences.

She only knew how fast her husband could be now.

After it ended, Chen Weiers entire body sank into the sofa, and her limbs went numb.

She turned around and glared at He Xun, but because she had no energy left, even her glare was feeble.

Instead, it seemed like she wanted to refuse but was still welcoming.

He Xun kissed her forehead repeatedly, then took her little hand.

“Ill carry you to wash up.”

“Dont wash for a while! There might be another round.

I cant bear it anymore.

I need to rest today.”

Chen Weiers worry was reasonable.

She had experienced it herself.

Every time this husband of hers carried her to take a bath, he would start a new round of conquest before she could even take care of herself.

“Then, do you have the strength to wash” He Xuns question was quite serious, and he didnt have the slightest intention of bullying her.

However, Chen Weier felt as if her bones had been removed.

She didnt even have the strength to get off the sofa, let alone take a bath.

When she heard He Xuns words, she turned her head away in anger and said awkwardly, “Ill have the strength after a while…just a while, please.”

“Alright, I promise I wont mess around anymore, okay We are going to head there now.” He Xuns voice was low, like a graceful cello.

It was naturally bewitching, deep, and charming.

He also knew that he had been a little presumptuous just now, or rather, he had been a little presumptuous in the past 2 days.

But what else could he do

In the past, he couldnt bully Chen Weier because she had to participate in the competition.

He could only hold the soft and fragrant jade in his arms, but he couldnt make any practical progress.

He had been a vegetarian for several years.

Now that he could finally eat meat, how could he eat it once a night

If his wife wasnt still frowning in her sleep this morning, he would have taken advantage of her dazed state to do it again before he went to work.

Regardless of whether it was for the sake of her health, He Xun put away such thoughts and stopped behaving like a beast.

However, when he returned from work at night and saw that she was in good spirits, he couldnt help but pull her to do some intense exercise.

However, he couldnt control his strength when he moved, and Chen Weier almost shouted until her throat was hoarse.

Fortunately, the villa was built with soundproofing in mind, so no matter how much she shouted, no one could hear…

Moreover, He Xun had also thought about it.

This sport wasnt just for himself.

He didnt want to keep her frowning when he saw Chen Weiers depressed look just now.

Now that the exercise was over, Chen Weier had indeed forgotten about the other matter that had worried her because of exhaustion.

In the end, He Xun carried her into the bathroom and gently washed her slightly red skin.

He Xun could not resist swallowing.

He really felt that he had found himself a tough job.

The beautiful painting was right in front of him, but he couldnt even touch it.

He could only look at it.

This kind of torture would surely test the limits of a human!

Chen Weier soaked in the warm water and felt comfortable.

However, when she looked up, she saw the mans fiery eyes.

Had she provoked him again Chen Weiers face turned red.

She gritted her teeth and clenched her fist.

“Arent you afraid that youll die of exhaustion You dog!”

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