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“Miss Nan, if youre worried about Miao Bings revenge, you can sign a contract with He Entertainment.

I have the power to oversee the contract.

The company will definitely guarantee your safety.”

Chen Weier already considered such consequences.

Therefore, she informed He Xun to take the victims under the He Groups wing and protect them from retaliation.

“Madam He, youre too naive.” Nan Liu looked at the locked drawer of the dressing table and continued with a bitter smile, “The He Group might be capable of protecting me, but what about my family then Can you protect everyone all at once My parents still need to work, and my younger brother and sister need to attend school.

Can you send bodyguards to protect them for the rest of their lives Can you ensure that none of them will encounter any mishaps”

These few words significantly rendered Chen Weier speechless.

She only considered protecting the witnesses and forgot about their loved ones who could be used against them.

Nan Liu was right.

Chen Weier didnt have the ability to absolutely protect the family of the victims.

She couldnt guarantee it.

It was not a matter of lacking enough bodyguards.

She couldnt just hope for He Xun to endlessly supply bodyguards for all the possible targets.

After a long silence, Chen Weier suddenly said in a deep voice, “Im sorry.”

She had been too naive in thinking she could eliminate the fear in their hearts.

She mistakenly assumed that joining forces would grant them infinite power.

“There is no need to apologize to me, Madam He.

Im grateful for your suggestion.” Nan Lius face was filled with bitterness.

It had been so many years.

Those who knew the inside story had all advised her to pretend that nothing had happened.

Otherwise, what else could she do

Given that she came from an insignificant family, how would she be able to touch the director of a corporation

This could be considered the first time someone had told her that she didnt have to endure it and that she could stand up as well as reveal the hurt she had suffered to the public.

In this way, justice could be served by punishing the perpetrator.

In fact, Nan Liu wasnt afraid of public opinion, nor was she afraid of people pointing fingers at her and questioning and purity.

What she was more concerned about was her familys safety.

She was worried that Miao Bings power would not diminish regardless of his situation.

Her little resistance would only trigger his crazy revenge.

She didnt want to hit a rock with an egg!

After hanging up the phone, the smile on Nan Lius face disappeared completely.

She opened the locked drawer and found an old-fashioned flip phone.

After the incident, she kept this phone with her.

It was the evidence of her suffering.

That day, her manager had called her early in the morning to tell her that a recording studio had been reserved for her to record her own single.

At that time, Nan Liu was overjoyed.

This was her first solo album!

On the way to the recording studio, Nan Liu had already imagined her bright future.

Thinking about it, the managers face was filled with panic, but Nan Liu didnt notice it.

She was completely overwhelmed by the joy of getting to record a single.

She completely lost her rationality.

Why was such an opportunity given to a newcomer

When Nan Liu entered the recording studio, she thought of contacting the recording engineer herself first because no one was around.

So, she put her phone on the table not far away, turned on the camera, and began to practice singing.

It was at this time that Miao Bing walked in.

Because the microphone was booming and she was so focused on practicing her song, she didnt notice the movement behind her at all.

It wasnt until Miao Bing locked the door and threw her against the glass of the recorder that she knew that someone had come.

At that time, she was scared out of her wits, and when she turned around, she saw Miao Bings grinning face.

Nan Liu panicked because Miao Bing kept saying strange things before, but she pretended not to understand and laughed it off.

She thought the matter would end at that.

In the end, Miao Bing barged into her recording studio and even started to rip off her clothes.

That day, the entire recording studio was filled with her screams.

Until the end, she didnt see an actual recording studio.

That was the beginning of Nan Lius hell.

She had hated it for 8 years!

Every time Nan Liu thought of it, she wanted to tear his flesh and draw his blood.

After two consecutive failures, Chen Weiers original confidence had completely dissipated.

She lay on the recliner and sighed.

The two people she just called were already the two with the best track record on the list.

The others would probably be even more cautious.

For a moment, Chen Weier didnt know if she should continue to call.

She only felt utterly defeated.

Chen Weier was bothered by this matter and naturally didnt know that she and He Xun had become a trending couple on the internet.

The netizens were still discussing it.

The depressed Luo Xinrui also seemed to be torturing herself as she watched the netizens heated discussion.

[I heard that President Hes stepmothers niece has been pestering him.

Its a pity that President He only has his wife in his eyes.

This couple is too sweet.]

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