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Given that Miao Bing targeted those from the art university, he had an endless supply of fairly young and beautiful girls.

He had been preying on the freshmen who majored in Arts.

It was inevitable.

After all, he could provide resources and connections in the industry of film and television.

In fact, there were numerous people who would willingly throw themselves at him.

Cao Yaoyao was lured in the same manner.

Of course, in the past few years, there were still a lot of people who were talented with good character.

Among them, there were also some who had no choice but to do so.

A few had even become seniors in the entertainment industry.

In terms of status, they were no longer the ignorant little girls from back then.

They felt ashamed of their past experience and hated Miao Bing even more.

However, no matter how experienced they were, they did not have the ability to go against Miao Bing.

After all, Miao Bing also had a group on his behind.

After Chen Weier got the name list, she planned to visit them one by one to sound them out.

Of course, before that, she had to make a phone call.

Only by getting more evidence could she deal with such a disgusting man like Miao Bing.

She wanted him to become the target of public criticism.

The first person Chen Weier looked for was Film Empress Ge Wanyi, who had the best growth among these people.

Ge Wanyi was already in her 30s, and she had stayed by Miao Bings side for a while more than a decade ago.

Miao Bing had given her some resources.

Perhaps after thinking Ge Wanyi had already reached her peak without any more future to look forward to, he threw her away in peace.

Later on, Ge Wanyi still did not give up her acting career.

She worked hard step by step, started from an extra, and slowly attained her current achievements.

Chen Weier dialed Ge Wanyis number according to the list.

The phone rang for a long time before someone picked up.

“Who is it” The voice on the other end of the phone was too lazy.

Chen Weier then respectfully introduced herself to Ge Wanyi.

“Chen Weier” Ge Wanyi was in the midst of arranging flowers.

When she heard Chen Weiers words, she ended up chopping off an entire flower.

‘Could this be a scam Ge Wanyi carefully recalled.

She was certain she had no interaction with Chen Weier, who dominated the hot search previously.

So why did Chen Weier call her when she had nothing to do with her

Were the CEOs wives so free these days

She was probably a scammer!

Were scammers so skilled these days

They would only need to rely on the hottest topic, and they could start the scheme right away.

Wasnt this amazing!

“I dont know you.” Ge Wanyis voice also changed from lazy to cold and distant.

Just as she was about to hang up, she froze completely because of the other partys words.

“I know you dont know me.

Miss Ge, I was harassed by Miao Bing from Starry Media before, and I have evidence in my hands.

I think he should be punished.

I heard that you knew Miao Bing before.

Do you have any other piece of evidence to testify against him” Chen Weier was still respectful.

When Ge Wanyi heard Miao Bings name, her whole body unconsciously tensed up.

It had been more than 10 years.

How could that incident be still dug up

How did someone else know

Although she was stupid at that time, she also knew that she had been played by Miao Bing after being dumped.

But what could she do

Who told her to be stupid

She couldnt afford to offend such a person and could only stay away from him!

Therefore, when she was filming, even if she was just an extra, she deliberately avoided the TV series invested in by Starry Media.

Ge Wanyi was afraid to be involved with that dirty matter again.

All this time, she thought she had hidden it well.

She didnt expect that the reporters would find out.

This reporter even tried to use Chen Weiers identity to trick her into saying something!

It was laughable!

“Im sorry, but I dont know this person.” Ge Wanyi hung up the phone.

Then, she put the device aside as if nothing had happened.

However, when she wanted to continue trimming the plants, her fingers started to tremble unconsciously.

For a moment, those unbearable memories all rushed into her mind.

Ge Wanyi met Miao Bing at the opening ceremony of her university.

At that time, she was a child who had just come out of the mountains.

It was also her first time seeing the outside world.

There were no mountains—only tall buildings.

She had high expectations for her college years.

She felt that her future was full of possibilities.

As for Miao Bing, he was only in his early 30s at that time, but he was already the general manager of Starry Media.

Ge Wanyi didnt know that the chairman of Starry Media was Miao Bings father-in-law, nor did she know that he was married.

When she listened to his speech, she only felt that he was dignified and very gentlemanly.

She was used to seeing simple and pure-minded people, but this was the first time she saw someone who belonged to the upper class.

At the same time, Miao Bing also caught Ge Wanyis overly eager gaze.

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