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“Everyone, do you agree with Aunty Song” Chen Weiers eyes widened.

She felt as though she might lose her mind.

How did everyone discover their intimate activities under the sheets!

Chen Weier tried to recall if she screamed too loudly.

That didnt seem to be the case though.

‘What a shabby house! It wasnt soundproof at all…

What kind of large-scale embarrassment was this

Chen Weier remembered that He Xun had been too indulgent last night.

His aura had been fierce and passionate.

Perhaps this led her to fail in modulating her voice well.

In the end, she really couldnt control herself, and her rationality had been knocked out by him.

Thinking of such matters, Chen Weiers face was as red as an apple.

‘She is finished! Did everyone really hear it

Chen Weiers toes curled up in shame.

If she waited any longer, she might as well dig out a three-bedroom apartment to hide.

“Yes!” Aunty Song seemed to be quite experienced and knowledgeable.

Her expression wasnt disturbed at all.

It was natural.

Not only that, but Aunty Song also called a few servants over.

“Xiao Li, Xiao Xue, stop mopping the floor.

Come over and answer a question.

Is Madam a capable woman”

Xiao Li and Xiao Xue immediately put down their dishcloths and ran over excitedly.

They nodded like chicks pecking at rice and remarked, “Madam He is really a very capable woman! Were really in awe of her!”

‘NO, NO, NO, NO! Chen Weier couldnt wait to find a crack in the ground to make herself disappear.

Did that kind of thing need to be praised

“Stop it, please…”

“How can we not praise it” Aunty Song was even more anxious.

“Madam He, please be confident in your ability.

Its not just me who thinks you are talented.

Xiao Li and Xiao Xue agree as well.Everyone in our family acknowledges your talent.

You dont need to feel inferior…”

“Our family” Chen Weiers mouth was filled with shock as she asked.

“Yes, when you were competing yesterday, everyone was cheering for you in front of the TV! Your dance is simply too good.

Youre already the champion, so arent you the most talented and capable woman” Aunty Song said excitedly.

Chen Weier didnt know how to react.


After all, she thought they were discussing her married life.

As it turned out, Aunty Song was referring to her dancing skills.

Then, since a while ago, they were not even on the same page!

Chen Weiers heart was about to jump out of her chest.

In conclusion, wasnt it a mere misunderstanding

She had thought that she caused too much of a ruckus with He Xun, and everyone had heard it!

For a moment, Chen Weier didnt know what kind of expression she should use to face Aunty Song.

She lowered her head and quickly finished the bowl of birds nest.

Then, she let out a deep sigh.

And this action of hers made Aunty Song overthink.

“Madam, did something happen to you You should be happy that you won the award!”

Chen Weier thought to herself that after being pressed down on the bed by He Xun for most of the night, her body was in pain.

She really couldnt be happy.

Hence, her mouth could not help but twitch.

She then said, “Aunty Song, its not that…”

Although Aunty Song hesitated, she still agreed with Chen Weiers words.

After all, she was just a nanny.

How could she know anything about dancing The two of them were worlds apart.

The awkward conversation between the two ended just like that.

Chen Weier went upstairs carefully with her limping leg.

Although she had a lot of questions to ask, she didnt know who exactly to ask.

Even though she had become someone elses wife in her previous life, she didnt remember Nie Suijing having such strength.

Was this why people couldnt be compared

Or did He Xun secretly eat something that greatly increased his strength behind her back

However, Chen Weier wasnt a person who liked to make things difficult for herself.

Since she couldnt figure it out, she wouldnt think about it anymore.

She would wait for He Xun to return and ask him personally next time!

She had more important things to do now.

During the preliminaries, Miao Bing had tried to assault her, and the surveillance video was still in her hands! She had been busy with the competition for the past few days and couldnt deal with it in time, but now that she was free, she had to settle all the new and old scores with Miao Bing!

Moreover, He Xun had also helped her find out a lot of useful information in the past 2 days!

This Miao Bing was a real animal.

When he first got married, he was a poor boy, but he relied on his wifes family to make a fortune.

After that, he grew smug and involved himself in nefarious activities.

In the past 20 years, there were more than 50 female victims that could be found!

Cao Yaoyao was the one who had been with him the longest!

As for the others, they were already discarded after he was tired of playing with them.

Some of the people he had abandoned had just come of age! Miao Bing liked this type of girl the most.

They were young and innocent.

If he gave them some benefits, he could just beckon with his finger, and they would follow.

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