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He Song and Bi Xinduo left with He Youyou.

The He familys farce had come to an end.

Chen Weier did not intend to make He Yeli apologize because she knew that Luo Qionglan would never make He Yeli bow her head.

Although most of the He group was in He Xuns hands with He Zuis help, there were still a few major shareholders who were He Qiu Shans men.

If they made a big fuss now, it would not do He Xun any good.

Chen Weier knew when to stop.

“Today is a happy day.

The guests are still waiting to eat the cake.

Father, Aunt Luo, lets cut the cake.”

He Qiu Shan squinted his eyes as he looked at Chen Weier, sighing at how fast this womans attitude changed.

He let her say whatever she wanted to say.

He suppressed his anger and coldly ordered the butler, “Lets start.”

The butlers head was almost at his feet.


Thus, in an instant, the atmosphere in the hall returned to the lively birthday banquet, and everyone put on a show of harmony again.

He Qiu Shan stood at the head of the table and spoke while Luo Qionglan stood at the side, wiping away her tears and smiling.

She was sitting firmly in her position as the matriarch of the He family!

Chen Weier didnt have much of an appetite during this meal.

During this time, He Zui looked at her inquisitively.

She also knew that, but she didnt care.

Her mind was filled with He Xuns words.

“Stay away from me.”

He Xun seemed to hate her a lot, but there was something that couldnt be explained.

Chen Weier felt that something was wrong and kept thinking about it.

When she finally reacted, she suddenly realized that she hadnt seen Luo Xinrui in a long time! In that situation just now, Luo Xinrui didnt come out to add oil to the fire.

She didnt even attend the banquet! Today was He Qiu Shans birthday, it was impossible for Luo Xinrui to not show up.

This was distinctly not right! According to Luo Xinruis personality, something was wrong.

Also, He Xun had disappeared! At this time, He Yeli suddenly patted her from behind.

“Whats the matter” Chen Weier sized her up.

He Yeli smiled at her.

“Third Sister-in-law, I was wrong just now.

Im here to apologize to you!”

Chen Weier took a few steps back.

“Are you crazy”

“You…” He Yeli continued to smile stiffly, then stepped forward and grabbed Chen Weiers hand.

“I should apologize if I did something wrong.

Third Sister-in-law, Im sorry.

Lets have a good chat.”

Chen Weier refused.

“I have something to talk to your brother about.

Ill be leaving first.”

“I saw Third Brother.

Dads looking for him to talk about his recent investment.

I wanted to share with you the new bag I bought recently.

Its very beautiful and is a limited edition!” He Yeli wouldnt let her go.

This made Chen Weier feel even more suspicious.

However, in the He family, she probably wouldnt dare to do anything at this time.

“Okay, Ill just watch from the corridor.

I wont enter your room.” She wanted to see what He Yeli was up to.

He Yeli thought for a moment.

“That works too.” After saying that, he brought Chen Weier to the third floor.

Chen Weier stood at the door of He Yelis room, watching her holding a treasure in front of her.

Chen Weier didnt have any reaction.

On one hand, she didnt like these things.

On the other hand, it was because of Nie Suijing.

At that time, their lives were already in deep water, so who would have the time to care about these things It was just that Chen Weier didnt expect that when she truly admired it up close, her heart would still be a little itchy.

Perhaps, this was the nature of women.

He Yeli was even more excited when she saw that Chen Weier was interested.

‘Sister Xinrui, Ive already taken out my most precious bag and showed it to Chen Weier.

You have to work hard!

On the other side…

After sending the guests off, He Xun felt a little dizzy.

He rubbed his temples and returned to his room.

In fact, it was not a room, but a guest room reserved for him.

He looked at Chen Weiers cream-stained clothes on the hanger and smiled helplessly.

However, when he thought of Chen Weiers actions today, he felt that something was wrong.

In the past, Chen Weier didnt even look at him.

Every time she came to the He family, she wanted to hide.

But this time, not only did she go out to socialize, but she also helped her second sister-in-law.

Why did she seem like a different person Or was she planning something Wait for He Xun to let down his guard and elope with Nie Suijing

At the thought of this, He Xuns eyes turned sinister.

However, the tip of his nose twitched.

There seemed to be a strange smell in the air.

Was it Chen Weiers perfume In the past, when they stayed over at the He familys house, Chen Weier would always sleep on the bed, and he would sleep on the sofa.

It was the same this time.

He didnt turn on the light.

In the dim room, He Xun took a look.

The bed was bulging.

Chen Weier had fallen asleep

He Xun didnt think too much about it and leaned back on the sofa to rest.

The smell at the tip of his nose lingered for a long time, and it made his head hurt.

Perhaps, it was because he had drunk some wine, but he suddenly felt a little hot.

At this moment, a pair of hands suddenly hugged him.

He looked at the slender arms around his waist.

“Chen Weier”

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