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In the video that Chen Weier sent, not only did she resist Nie Suijings hug, but there were also scenes of the police taking Nie Suijing away and taking her statement.

Chen Weier heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that the message had been pinned to the top.

This way, the truth would be known earlier.

Thereafter, she hugged He Xun tightly.

“Hubby, Im sorry.” Chen Weier felt very guilty.

If it werent for her, He Xun wouldnt have been criticized by others.

She had brought him too much trouble.

“You didnt do anything wrong.” He Xun also hugged her back.

In fact, when he saw Nie Suijings posts, he felt really bad.

This was because he knew that when he and Chen Weier first got married, she was unwilling.

He had indeed forced her to marry him.

When He Xun saw Chen Weier locked up at home every day with no smile on her face, He Xun also asked himself if he had done something wrong.


The Chen Weier in his dream was so pure and cute, but in reality, she had always been depressed.

And all of this was caused by him.

At that time, he had thought that if Chen Weier had asked for a divorce a few more times, he might have really let her go.

After all, those absurd and unrealistic dreams had trapped him, but they shouldnt have trapped Chen Weier.

It was his own choice, and he should not force her.

It was just that later on, Chen Weier seemed to have changed into a different person.

Or rather, she became more and more like the innocent and lively girl in He Xuns dreams.

“Hubby, I didnt handle Nie Suijing well.

Im the one to blame for this.

I used to think that hed be caught in his own trap sooner or later, so I didnt want to talk to him.

Bickering with him is dirtying my hands! In the end, when I didnt do anything to him, he came up with all sorts of ways to disgust me!” As she spoke, Chen Weiers fingers trembled slightly.

He Xuns heart ached as he hugged her tightly.

“Weier, you can do whatever you want.

Im your shield.

You have me.”

“I want him to experience a fate worse than death.

I want him to experience all the pain Ive suffered.

I want him to regret provoking me!” As she exclaimed, Chen Weier clutched He Xuns shirt tightly.

Her eyes were filled with deep hatred.

She even ended up crumpling He Xuns shirt.

He Xun sensed that something was wrong and furrowed his brows.

“What kind of pain”

‘Is his wife referring to her two-year marriage

“Its nothing,” Chen Weier realized that she had lost her mind in her anger and said something she shouldnt have.

Of course, she couldnt tell He Xun about her experience in her previous life, so she could only brush it off.

But what kind of person was He Xun How could he be so easily deceived He noticed that Chen Weiers body had suddenly tensed up.

He clearly realized that she was nervous.

But why was Chen Weier so nervous

Did she really think that those two years were painful

Or could it be that Chen Weier had a secret that he didnt know about

“Weier, was it really painful when you were with me” He Xun asked hesitantly.

“Ah” Chen Weier raised her head and looked at him in confusion.

Her head was tightly pressed against his chest, and she could only see the mans sharp jawline.

“Hubby, its not like that.

I didnt see his true colors back then, and my mind wasnt clear.

I felt like I was walking into a dead end and couldnt get out.

I couldnt get over it, but I have thought it through.

Im true to you now! I really want to live a good life with you.”

Her words completely eased He Xuns uneasy mood.

He held the person he loved in his arms and slowly closed his eyes.


Forget it, he would not bring up the past again.

As long as she was willing to stay by his side, he could pretend that those things had never happened.

He Xun no longer asked, and Chen Weiers tense body gradually relaxed.

Fortunately, He Xun didnt probe further.

Otherwise, she really wouldnt be able to keep her biggest secret.

After all, she felt that if she lied to He Xun, he would definitely see through her.

She really didnt want to talk about what happened in her previous life.

It was all humiliation and guilt.


On the other hand, the discussion was still going on.

After all, people loved to gossip.

[Nie Suijing is too disgusting! In the video, Chen Weier kept resisting.

The picture he released made it seem like the two of them were deeply in love! He was the one who forced her.

He must have wanted to frame her!]

[I knew it! How could a normal girl not fall in love with a man like He Xun Its not like her brain was filled with water.]

[I think Nie Suijing and Cao Yaoyao are a good match.

Its fate that they went to the police station together.

Do they want to have a drink at the police station Hahahahaha!]

[Oh yeah, why is Chen Weier so miserable She was almost hurt by Cao Yaoyao during the day, and at night, Nie Suijing harassed her.]

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