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When He Qiu Shan heard this, he was even more furious, “You still have the face to say that Who gave you the guts to hit my daughter Youre doing this on purpose, arent you”

“Who said I did it on purpose He Yeli was the one who disrespected Second Sister-in-law first.

Father, dont you want to hear what the eldest daughter of the He family has to say before you teach her a lesson” Chen Weier crossed her arms in front of her chest, not the least bit intimidated by He Qiu Shans imposing manner.

“I didnt say anything!” He Yeli naturally could not admit it, so she kept crying in He Qiu Shans arms.

Chen Weier sneered.

“You didnt respect Second Sister-in-law.

You used a lecturing tone and said that Second Sister-in-law is merely a guest and not a member of the He family.

Isnt this what you said”

He Yelis body stiffened, and she subconsciously shouted, “No, I didnt!”

He Songs face turned cold.

“Bi Xinduo, did she truly say that”

Bi Xinduo had a gentle personality and had never said anything about He Yeli.

But now that Chen Weier had exposed her, there was no need for her to hide it.

“Yeli is still young and insensible.

Its okay.”

“Dad, did your daughter not treat us as part of the He family How does this count” He Zui was originally standing behind his two younger brothers.

It wasnt appropriate for him to interfere in the matters between women.

But now, when he heard Chen Weiers words, he was immediately enraged.

He was the eldest brother, and he had protected his younger brothers since they were young.

Now, someone was strictly standing right in front of him and bullying his younger brother and sister-in-law.

How could he tolerate this

At first, he thought that Chen Weier was deliberately looking for trouble to fight with He Yeli.

After all, Chen Weier had too many “criminal records”, so it was hard not to be suspicious.

But now, the character was completely different.


He Qiu Shan had always been afraid of his eldest son.

After all, when he had married Luo Qionglan, his eldest son had already become capable.

Yet, he had still made him a mere figurehead without even batting an eye! So after He Zui spoke, he didnt say a word.

Upon seeing this, Luo Qionglan immediately wiped her tears and said, “Its my fault as a stepmother.

Ever since I married into the He family, none of my sons respected me, and I didnt mind.

But now, they actually ganged up to bully me and my daughter, I…”


“Youre too noisy!” He Xuns eyes were as cold as ice, and Luo Qionglan couldnt help but shiver.

“Its truly wrong of me to hit someone, but Im He Yelis Third Sister-in-law.

Since Father and Aunt Luo didnt teach her to respect people, we have the right to teach her.” Chen Weiers face had an unruly expression, and her aura was sharp.

Luo Qionglan glanced at her, but she could not say anything.

“He Yeli, apologize to your second and third sisters-in-law!” He Zuis tone was unfriendly.

He Qiu Shan could only negotiate with He Zui, “Yeli is still a child.

Youre both adults.

Why are you still arguing with a child”

Chen Weier laughed directly.

He Yeli was only a year younger than He Xun, but she was still a child Chen Weier picked up He Youyou, who was standing beside Bi Xinduo, and rubbed her chubby little face.

“Your aunt and your mother are being bullied by Aunt Yeli.

Youyou, do you want to help us”

Although He Youyou was only three years old, she had seen how He Yeli had bullied her mother upstairs.

Her aunt had helped her mother, so she nodded her head firmly.

“Protect Mom!”

Chen Weier laughed.

“Then, Auntie will say a word, and Youyou will say a word too, okay”

He Youyou nodded.


Chen Weier curved her lips and raised her eyebrows, “Aunt Yeli is uneducated!”

“Aunt Ye Li has no manners!” He Youyou followed suit.


“Grandpa and Grandma didnt teach you well!”

“Grandpa and Grandma didnt teach you well!”

Although He Youyou was young, her pronunciation was clear.

Her childish voice spread throughout the hall, and no one dared to speak.

Scolding someone in front of them was truly ruthless!

“Chen Weier, what are you doing” Luo Qionglans eyes were red with anger.

“Oh Aunt Luo, youre already so old, yet youre still arguing with me, a junior.

Now, youre even arguing with Youyou, a three-year-old Didnt Father just say it Dont be calculative with a child” Chen Weier said calmly.

However, the others were not calm at all.

Luo Qionglan pointed at the person and could not say a word.

She was so angry that she was trembling.

He Qiu Shans face darkened as he was being lectured in front of everyone for not being able to teach his daughter well.

“Third Eldests wife, youre too unruly!”

“Youyou is her name.

But shes considered rude Could it be that according to Fathers partiality, a 23-year-old should be called a child and a 3-year-old should not be called a child” Chen Weier continued.


He Qiu Shans eyes rolled back in his head.

This was the daughter-in-law whom he had carefully selected and thought was easy to control How could this be easy to control She was completely out of control! Whoever touched her would be angered to death!

He Song walked over and carried He Youyou back.

“Youyou, thank your aunt.”

“Thank you, Auntie,” He Youyou said with a smile.

“No need to thank me.” Chen Weier really liked chubby children and couldnt help but pinch her face again.

“Dad, since the He family doesnt welcome us, we wont be staying any longer.” He Song held his daughter and held Bi Xinduos hand.

They were his two most important women.

Now that his family had called them guests, it was fine if his family did not come.

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