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Hearing the words from the person behind Jin Yujia, Chen Weiers fury was completely ignited.

She wasnt even dead yet, and there was already a new Madam He!

Did He Xun actually promise that

Chen Weier was also getting invigorated.

As long as she was around, no one else could ever become Madam He!

“Madam He” Chen Weier lifted Jin Yujias chin with her finger, “Do you think you are worthy”

Jin Yujias heartbeat quickened upon being stared down by Chen Weier.

Although she wasnt present in the cafeteria when the incident happened that day, she saw the video of Chen Weier beating He Yeli.

Would Chen Weier make a move today

If Chen Weier dared to make a move in front of so many people, President He would definitely hate Chen Weier, right After all, this wasnt the premises of the company.

If Chen Weier caused trouble at the charity ball, even He Xun wouldnt be able to protect Chen Weier.

“Why am I not worthy Are you even worthy Who do you think you are Youre just an insignificant person whom President He took care of on a whim.” Jin Yujia stared at Chen Weier as she provoked her.

“Of course, Im the champion of the dance competition.

As for you, you dont even deserve to compete with me!” Chen Weier laughed.

Jin Yujias pupils shrank.

Chen Weier was the champion!

Of course, she knew about todays final rounds, but at this time, all her attention was on He Xun.

After all, why did she need to pay attention to other matters

She might as well please President He! Thinking about this, Jin Yujia wasnt shocked anymore.

So what if Chen Weier was the champion President Hes attitude toward her had changed, and Chen Weier was just a woman abandoned by He Xun.

Jin Yujia gritted her teeth.

“I dont care about the championship.

Im the only one in President Hes heart!”

“Who gave you such confidence” Chen Weier seemed to have heard a joke.

She released Jin Yujias chin and wiped her fingers.

In fact, the other party was right.

The person in He Xuns heart might really be Jin Yujia.

It was all in the diary in the secret room.

Seeing that Chen Weier didnt make a move, Jin Yujia was a little disappointed.

She really hoped that Chen Weier would slap her.

That way, President He would be completely tired of Chen Weier.

When Jin Yujias followers saw that Chen Weier seemed to be defeated, they were proud and spoke loudly.

“Since you know youre in the wrong, why dont you give Sister Yujia a toast and apologize”

“Apologize now, and maybe Sister Yujia will forgive you.”

At this moment, the venue suddenly quieted down.

In addition, the female artists voices were not soft, so everyone around them heard them.

He Xun turned around and immediately saw Chen Weier standing not far away, as well as several women blocking her.

However, Chen Weiers expression did not seem too good.

He Xuns heart skipped a beat.

“Im sorry.” He Xun nodded slightly to the person who was talking and strode toward Chen Weier.

The women continued to be arrogant.

“Hurry up and give Yujia a toast! Are you daydreaming”

“My wife doesnt need to toast to anyone!” A steady male voice interrupted the womens words and directly embraced Chen Weier in his arms.

Then, he gently looked at his wife in his arms.

“Why didnt you call me when you arrived How was your competition”

He Xuns question directly ignited the anger that Chen Weier had just suppressed.

“Heh, how would I dare Your future Madam He is blocking me.”

He Xun instantly raised his head and looked at the people in front of Chen Weier with a frown.

They were also stunned.

Didnt President He like Jin Yujia Why was he so close to this woman

Jin Yujia also started to feel scared.

She had always thought that He Xun asked her to be his female companion because he had a falling out with Chen Weier.

“President He, you were the one who told me not to let any woman get close to you.” Jin Yujia was really scared.

Their attitude toward Chen Weier just now was horrible.

What if Chen Weier took the opportunity to take revenge on them After all, Chen Weier dared to hit He Yeli in front of President He and made him ban her.

After recalling what happened to Yu Xinwu and Mu Yun, Jin Yujia was even more nervous.

Chen Weier coldly snorted.

Just a while ago she was so arrogant, but now that He Xun was here, where did all her courage go

He Xuns eyes really needed to be checked.

Did she need to be careful

“Is it her”

Chen Weier raised her eyes.

Although she didnt say what she was asking, He Xun understood what she meant.

When he met her eyes, He Xun felt that there were many emotions in her eyes, which were hard to see clearly.

However, he knew that Chen Weier was furious right now.

“No!” He Xun immediately denied it without any hesitation.

The person in his diary had always been Chen Weier.

It was just that one of them didnt act like the person in front of him.

But no matter which Chen Weier she was, He Xun loved them deeply.

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