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Chen Weier understood the meaning behind Luo Xinruis words.

She narrowed her eyes.

Was she referring to the woman in He Xuns diary Was she actually here

“Which woman are you talking about”

“You dont know When I went to look for my brother to talk about the company, she was the one who declared her ownership in front of me!” Luo Xinrui could see that Chen Weiers mood wasnt good.

She wanted to provoke Chen Weier even more, so Xinrui said mockingly, “Look, your marriage is nothing special.

What are you so proud of”

Chen Weier couldnt listen to anything now.

The woman in the diary had appeared, and He Xun had even allowed her to declare her sovereignty.

Then, what was she to He Xun

At the thought of the public confession of love in front of the media today, Chen Weier felt like He Xun had given her a resounding slap in the face.

Since He Xun liked the other person so much, why should she be so sentimental Although she wanted to repay He Xuns feelings from her previous life, she would not have pestered him if he really could not let the other woman go.

After all, she owed him.

Chen Weier took a deep breath and said with a calm expression, “Who are you to comment on my marriage”

After speaking, Chen Weier pushed Luo Xinrui away and continued to look for He Xuns figure in the crowd.

Soon, she saw a figure with his back turned away.

He Xun was talking to someone.

Chen Weiers eyes also swept around He Xun, but she only saw Jin Yujia and a few other women she didnt know.

Chen Weier frowned.

‘Was that woman with Jin Yujia and the others

‘Wasnt his taste too bad At the thought of this, Chen Weier also became angry and walked in He Xuns direction.

So what if that woman was here

She was now He Xuns legal wife!

Whats more, when she was in contact with Nie Suijing, He Xun would always come out and cause trouble.

But now, did He Xun want to go on a date with another woman

How could there be such a double standard!

Jin Yujia had already seen Chen Weier when she entered the room.

She had also been paying attention to Chen Weiers movements.

When she saw Luo Xinrui take the initiative to talk to her, Chen Weier locked onto He Xun in the crowd.

Jin Yujia immediately went into a defensive position.

After all, Chen Weier and Luo Xinrui were different.

She knew that He Xun treated Chen Weier differently.

Chen Weier, on the other hand, didnt seem to see Jin Yujia and walked toward He Xun.

“Miss Chen,” Jin Yujia immediately stood in front of Chen Weier.

Her friends also stood behind her.

If they helped Jin Yujia defeat the people who wanted to mess with President He, Jin Yujia might even thank them.

Chen Weier recognized that it was Jin Yujia, who had embarrassed herself in the semi-final rounds.

Why did she have to block her

Was she the woman Luo Xinrui was talking about But she had seen He Xuns attitude towards Jin Yujia, so it couldnt be Jin Yujia.

Was Jin Yujia helping her little sister to protect her Weier then turned her gaze to the unfamiliar faces and frowned.

What kind of eyes did He Xun have She didnt even consider Luo Xinrui!

Chen Weier retracted her gaze, unable to express her feelings.

“Get out of the way.”

“Miss Chen, President He just said that no other woman is allowed to get close to him except me.” Jin Yujia slightly smiled.

Chen Weier sized up Jin Yujia a few times.

Was the woman in He Xuns diary really Jin Yujia That shouldnt be the case.

Chen Weier smiled, but it didnt reach her eyes.

“Who do you think you are You dare to stop me”

“Who are you It was President Hes order.

Other than Yujia, no other woman is allowed to get close to him! Why are you so daring” Jin Yujia didnt say anything, but her follower started to take advantage.

“Is that so” Chen Weier coldly glanced at her, and the woman who had just spoken up was scared and shrank back.

“Dont you understand human language President He only likes Sister Yujia!” The other woman exclaimed.

Chen Weier coldly snorted.

“I should take him to the Ophthalmology Department and get his brain checked.”

“You!” Jin Yujia knew Chen Weiers position in President Hes heart, but she didnt expect Chen Weier to be so arrogant and publicly scold President He.

“Ill say it for the last time, get out of the way!” Chen Weier was really angry.

Why did he find a woman like Jin Yujia to be his sweetheart He must be blind.

Now, he even allowed this kind of woman to control her

Did she have a face that was easy to bully She dared to hit Luo Xinrui, and she also dared to hit He Yeli.

If Jin Yujia angered her, she would hit her regardless of her identity!

“Do you know who Yujia is Shes the future Madam He!”

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