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The audience of the live broadcast witnessed it and made all kinds of comments.

[Are the relationships between beautiful women so good these days But theyre all competitors!]

[This is the trend! I also want to be hugged by Miss Chen Weier.]

[I feel that Chen Weier is really popular.

Hua Runxin is also very cute.

She actually looked for Chen Weier to comfort herself.]

[Yeah, Xuan Jianing seems to be on good terms with Chen Weier too…]

At this time, Chen Weier had already sat in the seat marked with her number.

However, it became apparent that there was an empty seat.

[The organizers did arrange for 10 seats, and Cao Yaoyao was in the publicity photo.

Why is she missing now]

[Could Cao Yaoyao have offended someone and been eliminated in advance]

[Thats impossible! How could a gentle miss offend anyone Im here for her!]

In the past 2 years, Cao Yaoyao had been very focused on maintaining her image.

She was very popular with passers-by and had many loyal fans.

After noticing that their idol was missing on the live broadcast, her fans grew unhappy.

They felt that the organizers were bullying their poor and weak Miss Cao Yaoyao on purpose!

As a result, her fans began to ask questions on the organizers social platform.

Some of them were agitated and began to curse.

Simultaneously, He Xuns car also arrived at the entrance of the Heaven Blessed Charity Foundation.

“President He of the He Group is here!”

Someone in the crowd made the announcement, and the reporters who were still taking pictures of the celebrities quickly pointed their cameras at the luxury car that was slowly coming to a stop.

This was He Xun, one of the youngest and most outstanding entrepreneurs in the country!

In addition, He Xuns appearance was too superior, so he had always been the darling of the media covering the finance industry! They couldnt wait for him to be on the cover of the magazine.

As soon as the car stopped, a staff member immediately jogged to open the car door.

He Xun stretched out his long legs and stepped out of the car.

In an instant, countless flashes shot over, and his ears were filled with the sound of shutters clicking.

He Xun also pressed thepause button on his phone, and the screen was playing the live broadcast of Chen Weiers competition.

He stood still for a while, and Jin Yujia, who was wearing a silver dress, stood half a meter behind him respectfully.

He Xun finally stepped onto the red carpet.

The people who could attend this charity party were all relatively wealthy people in the city.

When they saw He Xun, they naturally took the initiative to come up and greet him.

“President He, Ive heard so much about you!”

He Xun shook hands with them politely and exchanged pleasantries.

Jin Yujia looked at the female companions of the big bosses who were either their wives or female artists with good reputations.

She suddenly felt proud to be standing behind He Xun.

She took a step closer to him without making a sound.

She didnt make He Xun feel uncomfortable, and she kept a proper smile behind him.

The female artists brought by the other people stared at Jin Yujia with jealousy.

They wished they could replace her.

Who didnt know He Xuns status

How could Jin Yujia not know about the gazes on her But she stood straighter, and her smile became brighter and more proud.

At this time, she suddenly rejoiced that she had lost in the semi-finals.

Otherwise, how could she have had the time to stand behind He Xun today and enjoy the glory he brought

She originally thought that with Chen Weiers appearance, she would no longer have the chance to accompany He Xun to attend the event.

She didnt expect that her chance would come so soon.

Chen Weiers means were probably just so-so.

Jin Yujia even began to have a beautiful dream.

Since He Xun wasnt lustful as he looked on the surface, then with her looks, she definitely had a chance to replace Chen Weier.

Thinking of this, Jin Yujia became even more confident.

She even wanted to go up and hold He Xuns arm.

Sometimes, she wondered whether she had been too reserved in the past.

However, she had to keep a low profile for todays occasion.

She knew that He Xun liked obedient and sensible girls.

Jin Yujia followed behind He Xun and smiled at the reporters who were taking photos of her.

She believed that her manager would not let go of this opportunity.

As long as she used some small tricks to make them look more like a couple, the media would also take more intimate photos.

At that time, He Xun wouldnt probably mind making some news.

At the dance competition venue, both the audience and the platform were in an uproar with the live broadcast.

Not only did Cao Yaoyaos fans see her, but they also didnt get any statement from Cao Yaoyao or the organizers.

The fans thought that Cao Yaoyao had been bullied by the organizers, so they started stirring up trouble.

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