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Everyone gathered around Chen Weier and praised her.

This was exactly what happened in college! Cao Yaoyao wanted to pounce on Chen Weier and tear her apart!

Why was it that after so many years, no one could see her as long as Chen Weier was around!

Why did Chen Weier have to block her way

Why did a person like Chen Weier exist in this world

Then, as long as Chen Weier died, everything would be alright! As long as she was not around, the second place could change to first!

Cao Yaoyao clenched her fists.

Seeing the scissors that Chen Weier had casually placed on the table, a rush of blood invigorated her heart.

Jealousy had already burned her rationality.

By the time she realized what she was doing, she was already on the ground.

Deafening screams filled the entire room.

“Argh! Shes crazy! She wants to kill someone!”

“Call the police!” Chen Weier shouted as she quickly helped Xuan Jianing hold down Cao Yaoyao, who had suddenly gone mad.

Thinking of how Cao Yaoyao had suddenly rushed over and aimed for her heart with the scissors, Chen Weier felt scared.

She didnt notice Cao Yaoyao at all just now.

If it werent for Xuan Jianing, who had reacted in time and pushed the other party away, she would have been stabbed through the heart!

Chen Weiers hands were cold as she pressed hard on the back of Cao Yaoyaos neck.

The pair of scissors almost pierced her body!

“Yes, call the police.

Quickly call the police.

And the security guards, call them over! Its too terrifying.”

In the midst of Chen Weiers roar, someone finally reacted and hurriedly called the police!

At this time, there was still a minute before the official start of the game!

Because it was a live broadcast today, there were many people at the venue.

The organizers had even increased security.

The patrolling guards were not far away and arrived in less than half a minute.

However, there was no time to explain it to the security guards.

Chen Weier directly pointed at the camera and wanted them to check for themselves.

Then, Chen Weier shouted, “Everyone, dont just stand there.

Its time to perform.

Check if you need to prepare anything!”

When everyone heard this, they didnt dare to waste any more time.

They quickly checked themselves in the mirror.

Because of the live broadcast, they would not be able to touch up their makeup during the show.

The security guards also escorted Cao Yaoyao, who had lost control of her emotions, out.

Thereafter, the live broadcast officially began!

Chen Weier and the others also went out together.

Due to the hype created by the organizers a few days ago, there were already many viewers waiting for this show online.

When the last nine girls entered the final circle, they walked into the camera hand in hand.

Everyone felt that they were as beautiful as a painting.

They were enchanting in their own way, and their smiles were calm, exuding a confident glow.

They were clearly competitors, but at this moment, they were holding hands, displaying another kind of warmth.

Of course, some were excited while others found it strange.

There were supposed to be 10 people who would enter the finals, and the first announcement also mentioned 10 contestants.

Why were there only nine people now

The sharp-eyed ones noticed that Cao Yaoyao was missing!

However, the doubts were quickly suppressed because the participants began to draw lots to decide who would go on stage first.

“The contestants who entered the final round, please proceed!”

Chen Weiers luck was still very good because she would be the fifth to perform.

She felt that she could buy a lottery ticket.

In the three matches, the number she got from each match was beneficial to her.

“What is your number” Chen Weier tilted her head to look at Xuan Jianing.

Xuan Jianing directly showed it to Chen Weier.

She would be the third to perform.

“Good luck!” Chen Weier squeezed Xuan Jianings hand.

Xuan Jianing nodded.

She was actually a little nervous.

But there were so many people here, and it was even a live broadcast, so she definitely couldnt show it!

“Weier, I drew the first number.” The short-haired girl walked over with a sad face.

She didnt know why, but she really wanted to be comforted by Chen Weier.

“Its alright.

Your dance will definitely make the judges eyes light up and give us a stunning opening!”

Chen Weier patted her shoulder and comforted her in a low voice.

She remembered this young lady.

She was very lively when she danced.

Her name was Hua Runxin.

“Thank you, Weier!” Hua Runxin held Chen Weiers hand in embarrassment.

Her face was blushing.

‘Aiya, the feeling of being hugged by a beautiful woman was too good!

Moreover, the beautiful womans body was soft and fragrant.

She still wanted to remain in Weiers arms.

“Then, lets go to the participants area and sit down.” Chen Weier held Hua Runxins hand in one hand and Xuan Jianings hand in the other.

Both sides were beauties with their own unique characteristics as they walked toward the seating area.

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