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Chen Weier had conquered everyone with her strength.

The people present were all dancers.

When they saw that someone could dance to the acme of perfection, they were jealous but also happy.

After all, those who were able to come here were also people who truly loved dancing.

Now that an outstanding successor had appeared for what they loved, they felt a sense of pride in their hearts.

On the other side, Chen Weier didnt feel proud at all.

She hugged her ruined costume.

She was fuming with anger.

She knew that Cao Yaoyao did it on purpose.

However, what was more urgent was to solve the problem at hand.

“What do we do” Xuan Jianing had already finished putting on her makeup and clothes.

Seeing that Chen Weier was still in a daze, she felt uncomfortable in her heart.

There were less than 10 minutes before the official start, so Chen Weier wouldnt probably have the time to change.

At the same time, Chen Weier was thinking about what would happen if the ruined parts were cut off.

“I dont care anymore.

Ill just give it a try.

Can you help me find a pair of scissors” Chen Weier suddenly got up and went to the changing room with her costume.

Xuan Jianing immediately started looking for a pair of scissors.

After Chen Weier changed, she walked out with a terrible expression.

Xuan Jianing held the scissors and glanced at her expression.

The gauze dress was white, but due to the foundation, several portions were stained yellow.

It was impossible to look at it.

“Everyone, lets think of a solution together.” The others also comforted Chen Weier.

“Well each take a small portion and try using the makeup cleanser.

What if it rubs off”


The crowd chimed in one after another.

Chen Weier accepted everyones kindness.

“Thank you, but theres no need for that.

I have another way.”

With that, she took the scissors from Xuan Jianings hands.

“You want to cut it If thats the case, itll turn into a short skirt.

What dance were you planning to do, Weier” A short-haired girl asked worriedly.

After all, the style of the costume had to match the dance and music.

Such a fluttering white chiffon dress might not be apt for the dance that she would perform if the skirt became short, right

“It was originally a folk dance,” Chen Weier said.

Her hands didnt stop as she used the scissors to cut down on her thighs and the long sleeves on both sides.

Xuan Jianing also helped her remove the other stains.

The long skirt that originally reached her ankles instantly turned into a sleeveless short skirt of different lengths.

Chen Weier looked at herself in the mirror and made more cuts.

She had turned a long dress into a dress with an irregular style.

“Looking at it like this, I think its quite nice.” The short-haired girl looked at the dress several times.

Perhaps she had a filter for Chen Weier, but she felt that this dress had a different charm when worn by Chen Weier.

“This dress is more casual!”

Everyones eyes lit up as they felt dumbfounded.

Chen Weier looked at herself in the mirror.

She also felt that she was not bad, but she still lacked something.

At this moment, she suddenly noticed the curtains by the window.

It was a light veil dotted with fine shimmers.

From a distance, it resembled a starry sky.

Chen Weier suddenly had an idea in her heart.

She strode to the curtain, took a pair of scissors, and cut a large piece of the light muslin.

Then, she wrapped it around her waist and hung it down to her ankles.

With this, the messy skirt gave off a misty beauty.

“This is so good!” Xuan Jianings eyes were filled with surprise!

Everyone also came back to their senses and carefully looked at Chen Weiers costume.

Under the contrast of the starry sky veil, Chen Weier was like a dainty elf who had accidentally entered the mortal world as her dress swayed with every step!

“Oh my god, this dress looks even better than your original one!”

“Yeah, Chen Weier, youre amazing.

I was thinking that although the curtains in this hotel are just decorations, theyre too hideous.

I didnt expect them to look so good on you!”

“I just thought of a saying,Out of the mud without being stained! I think Chen Weier is now in that kind of sacred and noble position!”

Everyone was in awe of her.

Hearing everyones praise, Chen Weiers heart also felt a little more at ease.

She was worried that it would be inappropriate, but she didnt expect the effect to be better than she had imagined!

Cao Yaoyao, who was standing outside the crowd, looked at Chen Weier, who was once again surrounded by the crowd.

Her face turned even darker! She almost vomited blood.

When she was in the university, Chen Weier was the moon surrounded by the stars.

In addition, Chen Weiers family background was good.

She was generous, and she had a good relationship with others.

At that time, Cao Yaoyao ended up like an inconspicuous servant standing beside Chen Weier.

Originally, after Chen Weier graduated, she immediately became a famous person.

Cao Yaoyao was proud for a long time, thinking that no one could suppress her.

But now

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