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Chen Weier snorted, “It is best to gather photo evidence.

Isnt Cao Yaoyao supposed to be a pure and innocent person Lets see how she can still be so arrogant!”

He Xun assured, “I have already made the arrangements.” Weier didnt have to explain further.

It was cruelty to oneself to not deal with your opponents swiftly.

Besides, this was not the first time Cao Yaoyao had hurt Chen Weier.

“I will let Cao Yaoyao know the consequences of offending me.

Time and time again, she sees me as a thorn in her side and cant wait to kill me.

Its time for her to taste the consequences of being targeted.” Chen Weier didnt have any expression when she said this, but He Xun could feel the killing intent in her eyes.

“What about Nie Suijing” For some reason, He Xun suddenly lowered his eyes as he asked.

“Nie Suijing Do we still need to take some action when it comes to him” Chen Weier asked with a blank face.

“This person is a typical example of a man who commits several acts of injustice and brings about his own destruction.

It is really not worth it to waste our brain cells on such trash! Hell be digging his own grave anyway.”

“Pfft.” He Xun laughed out loud without holding back and pinched Chen Weiers cheeks.

He found her words interesting.

Chen Weier saw his smile and thought that He Xun didnt believe her words.

She immediately clarified, “Im telling the truth! We dont need to worry about him.

He may be a man, but hes not as careful as Cao Yaoyao.

Hell definitely find a way to die.

I dont want to dirty my hands by dealing with someone like him.”

“Alright, I got it.” He Xun didnt want to hear anything about Nie Suijing from her mouth again.

After confirming her thoughts, he was relieved.

He lowered his head and caressed her lips.

The kiss gradually deepened, and the atmosphere in the bedroom began to become enticing.

By the time Chen Weier caught her breath, she had already been undressed by He Xun! In the end, she was turned over and over again by He Xun like a dead fish.

‘Bah, this dog-man, his mind is full of such things!

Chen Weier felt pain in her waist and legs as He Xun was lying beside her with a satisfied expression.

Looking at that, those who didnt know would think that he was about to ascend to the heavens.

Why was it that every time it ended, it was as if her soul had been taken away while He Xun was so refreshed

It was not fair!

The more Chen Weier thought about it, the angrier she got.

She directly kicked the man who was still savoring the moment, and he fell off the bed.

He Xun resigned to his fate of sleeping on the floor.


In a villa in the suburbs, two old men were smoking as they pondered.

“Im not wrong, right It is no wonder that Miao Bing has been taking care of her.

Shes really not bad!”

“Its not bad, but the cleanliness is questionable! I dont know how many men shes been with.”

“Many of the young girls who just entered the Film Academy this year are untouched.

We can just choose one to raise, and everything will be settled! Whats the hurry”

“I agree.

She is a charming actress.

We can just taste her occasionally.

Its not worth it if we have fun with her every day!”

“Thats true.

There are plenty of young girls out there.

Theres no need to waste money on people like her.”

“Moreover, we are married men.

If the amount is too big, our family will find out.”

“Yeah, I dont know whats wrong with my child recently.

Shes starting to help her mother investigate me! Ive been having a hard time with money recently.”

Cao Yaoyao was rendered speechless.

Every word and sentence pierced her heart.

She couldnt cry anymore, and her throat was burning.

That night, she was like a blowup doll being tortured by two beast-like men in all kinds of humiliating positions.

Until now, she couldnt even lift her legs and cover herself with the blanket.

Her body was covered in bruises, revealing her painful experience.

Cao Yaoyao had never thought that she would end up in such a state.

She had been with Miao Bing since she was 18 years old.

Although Miao Bing was not gentle, at least he would not humiliate her like this.

Furthermore, Miao Bings offer was worth it for Cao Yaoyao to sacrifice herself.

In the past 2 years, although Miao Bings attitude toward her was getting worse and worse as more women contended against her, Miao Bing never lacked resources.

But now, she was about to be played to death, but she couldnt get a single cent! Most importantly, the two of them had even recorded videos of her humiliation.

Cao Yaoyao didnt know if she would have the energy to dance again the day after tomorrow.

She didnt know if Liu Song and Zhang Qing would let her go.

She didnt know who Nie Suijing would send her to next time and what kind of torture she would face.

Cao Yaoyao could no longer see the light of the future.

However, she absolutely couldnt stay in hell alone.

Her eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

Since this was the case, the culprit, Chen Weier, should also come down and experience hell with her.

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