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After a long while, He Xun realized that Chen Weiers face was cold, and she didnt say a word.

He couldnt figure her out.

“Weier, why are you unhappy”

Chen Weiers eyes almost popped out.

After all, which woman would be happy to hear her husband say such things Was she supposed to set off firecrackers to celebrate the fact that He Xun had someone else he loved Did she have to wish He Xun to be with the other party soon Should she pray that He Xun and his mistress should grow old together!

“No, I am not!” Chen Weier said coldly.

Thereafter, she covered her head with the quilt and closed her eyes.

She planned to just ignore him.

She wanted a cold war!

Bastard, get lost!

He Xun wondered if Chen Weier was just feeling shy.

He Xun reached out to pull her blanket.

“Weier, dont suppress your emotions like this.

Although the temperature is not cold yet, if you cover yourself with a thick blanket, not only will it be hot, but the oxygen concentration will also be insufficient.”

“Why do you care You can go and find her! She is special to you anyway! Im the only outsider here!” Weier didnt want to get angry at first, but the moment she opened her mouth, she shouted out sourly.

Chen Weier was annoyed at herself for revealing her emotions so easily, and at the same time, she was angry at He Xuns words.

She was really infuriated! This dog-man was too detestable.

Upon hearing Chen Weiers words, He Xun finally understood that she was jealous.

Did she get jealous of herself He Xun didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He hadnt even asked her about the man she was with yet, so he probed, “How long have you known the man who helped you today”

Speaking of jealousy, He Xun also experienced it today.

He was in a bad mood and was feeling awkward.

Today, when Chen Weier stepped off the stage, He Xuns eyes had been following her.

He saw with his own eyes that the moment Chen Weier was about to fall, a man sitting not far away actually jogged forward to catch her.

That man even took the opportunity to hug her.

At that time, He Xun was a little angry, but there were too many people, so he endured it.

Later, he checked the video and put the matter on hold.

Now that Chen Weier was throwing a tantrum, He Xun remembered.

Speaking of this matter, Chen Weier also felt a little guilty for a moment.

After all, something was quite amiss with Dou Shuruis actions today.

Back then, he was far away from her, but he ended up being the first one to help her.

That was why it was very likely that he had been paying attention to her.

Moreover, the moment she fell into Dou Shuruis arms, Chen Weier could hear his heart beating rapidly.

It wasnt that Chen Weier was narcissistic, but with all the signs added up, she really couldnt convince herself that this was just a normal interaction between friends.

Besides, she didnt even know him!

“I dont know him.

What was wrong with him helping me when he saw that I was about to fall What about you Why arent you helping me You dont love me at all” Chen Weier absolutely couldnt show her guilty conscience.

She had to make the first move to gain the upper hand.

She snorted and pouted in dissatisfaction.

He Xun didnt know how to handle the situation.

Alright, he could just admit that he was wrong.

He couldnt always be by Chen Weiers side to protect her.

“Weier, of course, I love you.

Its my fault that I cant be by your side all the time, but I dont like it when youre too close to other men,” He Xun continued after a pause, “Because I love you, I feel uncomfortable when I see other men hugging you.”

These words made Chen Weier, who originally wanted to initiate a cold war, calm down.

She realized his feelings.

If He Xun didnt care at all, why would he mind a strange man Therefore, she still had a place in He Xuns heart.

As long as he had her in his heart, Chen Weier was satisfied.

It was understandable.

Chen Weier had wronged him before, so she couldnt ask He Xun to be devoted to her.

Moreover, Chen Weier was also very clear in her heart that she had selfish motives toward He Xun.

Since she wasnt pure, what right did she have to ask He Xun to love her a hundred percent For a husband and wife, both had to give in order for the relationship to last.

Thus, the cold war ended.

Chen Weier hugged He Xuns arm and affectionately rubbed against it.

“Hubby, dont be jealous.

I love you.”

“I love you too.” He Xuns heart softened, and he stopped thinking about the strange man.

He lowered his head, tapped the tip of her nose, and rubbed his forehead against hers.

“Wei er, how do you plan to settle Cao Yaoyaos matter” He Xun brought the topic back to business.

He already knew that Cao Yaoyao had something to do with the incident and that Chen Weiers fall was also caused by Cao Yaoyao.

Cao Yaoyao wanted to harm Wei er.

He couldnt stay still.

“Didnt you send someone to investigate her What did you find” Chen Weier casually spoke.

She didnt want to waste her effort on Cao Yaoyao because she didnt deserve it!

He Xun replied “Yang Zui received news that Nie Suijing and Cao Yaoyao had a falling out.

After today, her van drove to a remote villa in the suburbs.

After a while, Director Zhang Qing also followed.”

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