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Due to the incident, Chen Weier didnt have much of an appetite when the night arrived.

She was lying on the massive bed in the master bedroom in a daze.

Her eyes were wide open, and her mind was empty.

Since she couldnt focus properly, she didnt even have the mood to practice dancing now.

“Weier…” He Xun could naturally sense that she was in a bad mood, so he walked in with a glass of hot milk.

“You didnt eat much during dinner, and you still have to practice tomorrow.

Have another glass of milk.”

Chen Weier took the milk and forced herself to take two sips.

In the end, she pushed the glass away.

“I dont feel good.

I really cant drink it.”

He Xun sat by the bed and gently stroked her hair.

He comforted her, “Lets work hard and finish it in one breath.

You eat too little, so how can you receive any nutrition Given the number of exercises you do, how can your body withstand it”

Because Chen Weier couldnt stand He Xuns concern, she finished the milk in one gulp.

“Youre so obedient.

Wifey, heres a reward for you!” He Xun planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Youre just rewarding yourself!” Chen Weier rolled her eyes.

“What reward do you want, Weier” He Xun tapped her little nose.

“Will you give me anything I want” Chen Weier glanced at him from the corner of her eyes as she doubted He Xuns words.

He Xun smiled helplessly.

As long as it was within his capabilities, he would definitely satisfy her.

Chen Weier thought about it silently.

She really didnt seem to have anything she wanted.

This was because He Xun had really given her a lot.

However, in the next second, a thought flashed through her mind.

Chen Weier suddenly grabbed He Xuns arm and whispered, “Then, youre not allowed to get angry when I say it!”

“I wont.” He Xun kissed Chen Weiers dainty hand lovingly.

How could he bear to be angry with Chen Weier He couldnt even wait to shower her with more love.

“I want to know who the person in your diary is.” In the past, Chen Weier definitely wouldnt have asked.

However, after being frightened today and getting assured by He Xuns promise, Chen Weier couldnt bear it anymore, so she directly asked what she had been thinking about.

The corners of He Xuns lips slowly retracted.

Chen Weier suddenly regretted it.

She looked away and said, “Forget it.

Just pretend I didnt ask.”

In fact, the current situation was already excellent.

Why ask for so much She had let He Xun down in her past life, but in this life, she was still well-behaved and didnt push her luck.

For a moment, the bedroom was silent.

“Do you really want to know” He Xun asked a few minutes later.

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