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Academy of Krasota Chapter 3

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"The prince, right?" Keira, 003 Krasota, said during the evening dance class. Akeno leads her neatly around the room to the beat of the music, swirling neatly around the other couples under the supervision of Miss Krasota.

Akeno grinned at her, " You can get excited about that?" she asked one of her oldest friends at the Academy. When Akeno first arrives, Keira is assigned to take her around and place her. She does it so efficiently and kindly that Akeno forever retains a soft spot for her.

"What else is there?" Keira asked as Akeno twisted her body. Her pure white hair spun around with her, beautiful like a blizzard. She returned to her friends arms, "What else can we expect?\

"Someone else. You know the rumors," Akeno rolled her eyes, "He might be a very bad person.\

Keira gasped, pulling her closer, "Shhh! Don let them hear you or they will throw you into isolation!\

Akeno bit her lip. Keira was always watching her, " Kei...\

"Yes?" Keira asked, adjusting her hand on Akenos shoulder and paying more attention to her legs as her dance became a little harder.

Akeno opened her mouth but stopped herself. What would she ask? Do you want to escape with us? The plan is quite difficult with the four of them. She shook her head and grinned, " Don stare at your feet. You

e too pretty for that.\

Keira sent her a beaming smile, "Do you think Ill get a good alpha?\

"Lysa doesn think it exists.\

"What about You?" asked Keira. She sounds a bit vulnerable.

Akeno knew she had to convince her but she couldn lie, not to her, "Im sure there is," she sighed, " But a good alpha wouldn come to buy a war orphan.\

The music stops and the couple moves away, politely clapping each other. Headmaster Krasota turned to them with a smile, "Its amazing," she said, "I remember when you were all very small and stumbled over your feet. Look at you now! Such graceful Krasotas. You make me proud, " her voice dripped with sweetness but there was a sharp bite behind her as she added," I hope you don disappoint me during the election ceremony.\

"Yes, principal," they chanted.

She beamed at them, clapping her hands twice, "Beautiful1 now, get ready for our weekly walk.\


Lunas weekly walks were a bigger advertisement than any newspaper or television could muster. Every Saturday night, the principal, dressed in her best clothes, leads a beautiful, serene, and impeccable luna line through the streets of Arca Street for all to see. People go out just to look at them, take pictures and point excitedly. They are beautiful and delicate. They are not touched. They are envied by Omega and desired by Alpha. They are noticed by all. Every week, a different class is taken, from the very adorable little luna to the adult students who are about to graduate. During their only taste of freedom, the lunas feel suffocated and showcased. Grayfia tried to look like she didn mind as she walked, right behind Krasota. Behind her is Aresia. They were not allowed to speak. They were supposed to walk, looking aloof and elegant, like they didn know there were a hundred alphas on the streets, alphas who would never be able to have them, undressing them with their eyes. It was as if no mercy shone in the eyes of the mothers who carried their children by their side, hoping to never see them paraded like precious cattle.

The war destroyed most of the city but Arca City has been rebuilt quickly. Lysa concentrated on that as they walked. In an old stone building with beautiful window frames and antique bricks. She admires the flower box at the front door, the colorful clothes of the citizens, and the bustling traffic. It was all the things she had seen in a thousand trips, but they were all new, all still amazing. She wished she could step out of Lunas obedient ranks and mingle with the crowd. She hoped to disappear from this city, find her own corner, and not be disturbed by anyone. But she didn dare. Not yet.

Akeno walked with her head down, her navy blue curls falling into her eyes. She counts the cracks in the pavement she steps on to stop herself from looking up and meets the eyes of some horny alpha. She was hot-tempered and although she knew how to control it so as not to be punished, she didn know if she could control herself here. She hates being laughed at. She hoped she wouldn end up punching anyone in the face during the election ceremony.

Agatha tried not to fidget with her step when paraded through the streets. She knew she was supposed to be quiet and pretty but it was nerve-wracking, to be the center of attention. She almost prefers to be inside the academy, where their own beauty and each others beauty are boring. Where ugliness or an average face is what is beautiful. Where the lunas lay in bed at night, touching their delicate cheeks and colorful hair while wishing they were born as something else. For some, the election ceremony will be a ticket to freedom. One or two of them will be surprised by luck. Theyll get a good alpha, maybe. Otherwise, they will at least get a house that will not become a second prison. Agatha doubted she would be so lucky.

Thats why she had to make her own fortune.


All luna at the Academy collectively agree that 22: 30 is the best time of day. After a hearty dinner, they have half an hour of free time in the recreation room. The recreation room was made as cozy as possible, with armchairs, a false fireplace, table games, and hot chocolate handed out – a rare and sweet treat. Outside of the weekend, what they get is herbal tea. Lysa, Grayfia, Agatha, and Akeno sat in a tight circle in a bean bag chair in the corner, holding cups between their fingers. To everyone else, they look like they are gossiping – an interesting pastime if done in moderation. But they

e not gossiping. They

e planning.

"If we want to leave, "Grayfia, who had made plans, said in a low voice," then we must turn on the fire alarm. Thats the only thing that opens the door.\

"Do you think the election ceremony is the right time to do it?" Agatha asked anxiously, " The three of us will be very important ...\

Grayfia nodded, " There will be a commotion.\

"Exactly, "Akeno added in an excited whisper, " When the alarm goes off, Krasota and the law enforcers will be worried to make sure luna is not threatened by the fire. They want to take out all their important guests. Don worry," she patted Grayfia on the shoulder, "Our Graymeister is never wrong.\

"And thats when we slip away," Lysa added convincingly, squeezing Agathas hand, "All we have to do is get out into the street. We are not the only luna in Arca City. We will take off our uniforms and we will be free.\

They don think about logistics, such as where they will get new clothes from or where they will go. The important thing is to get out before they are selected by alpha and marked as their own. Their plan is based on the theory that Krasota won be able to get anyone but a handful of her enforcers to go after them, because what will she say? Did the moon escape? To the rest of the world, she was a mother figure to her students and the walls around the academy were to protect them. No one expected the lunas to be like prisoners, too scared or too indebted to escape. Some try. Nothing worked.

But they will.

"This brings us to plan B, " Grayfia said Seriously," if by Chance, the alarm doesn go off long enough for us to escape, someone has to pull the alarm lever manually.\

Lysas eyes widened, " But...that means someone has to be left behind.\

"No way," Akeno said, " We didn do that.\

"Thats just plan B, "Grayfia said firmly, " But we need a backup. Its okay as long as one of us gets out.\

"Its better if one of us gets out," Agatha agreed, biting her lip nervously.

Lysa sighed but nodded, " Ill do it.\

"No," Akeno directly said, " Well decide on the spot if we have to.\

Grayfia nodded, " its just a possibility. Plan A will go well, " she grinned at her friends, " Within five days, we will be free.\

They clink their cocoa cups to toast.


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